Studio: international art — 85.1923

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(Pennsylvania Academy
Water-colour Exhibition)

Among the figure painters exhibiting,
Mr, Horatio Walker, in his Pastoral, and
Mr. Gari Melchers in The Piano, easily
took the lead. Emigrant character was well
indicated in a group by Mr. Tony Nell,
entitled Congregation, 00a

Quaint nooks of old-world towns were
treated by Mr. Olaf Olson with sympa-
thetic artistry, and a bit of old Philadelphia,
From the Grave of Rafinesque, was the clou
of a group by Mr. M. W. Zimmerman. In
At Volendam, Holland, Mr. Chas. P.
Gruppe gave some admirable drawing of
Dutch character. A very remarkable
series of illustrations in colour and pen-
and-ink, for Lamb's Tales from Shakes-

peare, were the work of Mrs. Shippen
Green Elliott. Etchings of interesting
subjects and of excellent facture were
exhibited by Mr. H. Devitt Welsh, Mr.
Clifford Addams, and Mr. E. K. K.
Wetherill. E. C.


The Tenth Volume of the Walpole Society,
1921-1922. Edited by A. J. Finberg, The
chief paper in this new volume of the Wal-
pole Society, which is issued only to sub-
scribers,is a chronological list of portraits by
Cornelius Johnson or Jonson, contributed
by Mr. Finberg, who protests against the
loading ...