Studio: international art — 85.1923

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(From our own Correspondents.)

LONDON. — Mr. Powys Evans has
already made a name for himself as
a caricaturist, and from what he has
already done in this direction it seems
tolerably safe to predict further interesting
developments. Though he is very modest
about his own achievements, his work is
the outcome of genuine talent. It is, more-
over, a versatile talent, expressing itself
effectively in more than one medium.
That his work is quite modern in feeling
is not surprising when one remembers that
as the son of the late Judge William Evans,

he was brought up in the midst of those
select examples of modern pictorial !art
which his father collected with such
shrewd discernment. a a a

One of the most engaging examples of
still-life painting we have seen of late is the
one by Mr. Hay reproduced opposite. The
keynote is that delightful band of green on
the teapot—a choice bit of Rockingham
ware famous for its green, a a a
Various changes in the personnel of the
Royal Academy have to be noted this
month. On April 30th, Mr. Mark Fisher,
R.A., the veteran landscape painter, died
in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, having the
previous evening been taken suddenly ill
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