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(Royal Society of British
Artists, Autumn, 1922)


(From our own Correspondents.)

LONDON.—The series of Saturday
afternoon concerts given at the Victoria
and Albert Museum under the auspices of
the League of Arts in the Museum Lecture
Theatre, have proved very successful, and
have been well attended. They will be
continued as follows :—March 17th, Mr.
Harold Samuel (Old and New English
Programme) ; March 24th, the Novello
Choir ; March 31st, Mr. Harold Samuel
(Bach Programme) ; April 7th, the Kendall
Quartet; April 14th, Mr. George Parker
and Mr. Martin Shaw (A Recital of
Mr. Martin Shaw's Songs) ; April 21st,
The League of Arts Chamber Orchestra ;
April 28th, The League of Arts Choir
(Traditional English Music). The concerts
begin at 3 p.m. and last about an hour.
Admission is free, but programmes are on

sale at the entrance to the Theatre, and
will, it is hoped, be purchased in order that
part of the expenses incurred by the League
may be defrayed. 0000
The Centenary of the Royal Society of
British Artists is being celebrated this
month by an exhibition in the same room
as the Society's first exhibition in 1824 at
Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. The Society's
roll contains the names of J, Heapley, first
President, W. Clarkson Stanfield, David
Roberts, F. Y. Hurlestone, Peter Nasmyth,
Falconer Poole, F. H. Holland Pyne,
W. Shayer, Alfred Stevens, J. Brett, George
and Vicat Cole, Edwin Ellis, T. B. Hardy,
Herkomer, Henry Moore, Whistler, Stott
of Oldham, and Alfred East. Among the
contributors to the Society's exhibitions
were John Varley, James Holland, Samuel
Palmer, Stark, Stannard and Cotman of
the Norwich School; James Varley, David
Cox,Tom Collier, W. Callow,W. J. Muller,
Kate Greenaway, Birket Foster, Buxton
Knight, and among honorary members
Sir John Gilbert, Burne-Jones, Leighton,
Holman Hunt, Watts and Chas. Keene.
All these will be represented, many of
them at their best. It will be possible for
the amateur to trace the development of
British Water Colour from the days of
Varley onward, and these will be arranged
as nearly as possible in something like
order. Many works, now rarely to be met
with, will be shown, as well as such master-
pieces as Muller’s Eel Traps, Whistler’s
Miss Alexander,drawings by Alfred Stevens,
Leighton and others.

Those who have followed Mr. George
Sheringham's work are well aware that
he is an admirer of things Chinese, and
further evidence of that will be found in
his water-colour drawing of a group of
Chinese snuff-bottles reproduced opposite.
He is a connoisseur of objects of this kind,
of which he possesses an interesting
collection. 00000
It is with regret that we record the death
of Miss Helena Wilson, which took place
at Ballinger, Bucks, on January 8th, at the
advanced age of 86. Miss Wilson was for
nearly 50 years head teacher of the Royal
Female School of Art in Queen Square,
Bloomsbury, founded by Miss Louisa Gann
in 1842, and under her able tuition and
influence the school acquired a wide
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