The illustrated exhibitor: a tribute to the world's industrial jubilee — London, 1851

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No. 9.]

AUGUST 2, 1851.

[Price 2d,

There is Hope for Ireland. #- #

In no Dolitical or party spirit do we use these words—for politics and party spirit have no place in the Illus-
trated Exhibitor. But we repeat, There is Hope for Ireland—strong, vigorous, lively hope ;—Hope in the warm,
generous kindly hearts of her people ; Hope in the industry of hard hands, and the energy of thoughtful minds ; Hope


look tWeT&Ylli^ iS da;vuin2 QP°*her green valleys, and shining out above the sterile mountain-1
Palace of^Iyde-paS. evidences of enterprise and skill exhibited in every object which she haa place

out t^aTthirhTi1^.11^11311!111^ lo1oked askance at anything—human or otherwise—coining from the Green Isle ;-
tune nas passea: why should we say anything about it ? In the Great Exhibition of All Nations Ireland ha
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