The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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Aloes and gamboge are alio fometimes uled in
lacquers, for brafs; but the aloes is not neceffary
where turmeric or faffron are ufed ; and the gam-
boge, though a very ftrong milky yellow in water,
affords only a \'ery weak tinge in fpirit of wine.

The varnifh for tin may be made as follows :—■
<£ Take of turmeric root one ounce, of dragon's
" blood two drams, and of fpirit of wine one pint.
li Proceed as in the former."

This may, like the former, have the red or yellow
rendered more prevalent, by the increafingor dimi-
nifhing the proportion of the dragon's blood. Where
a coarfcr, or cheaper kind is wanted, the quantity of
feed-lac may be abated ; and the deficiency thence
arifing fupplied by the fame proportion of refin.

The lacquer for locks, nails, &c. where little or no
colour is defired, may either be ieed-lac varnifh
alone, as prepared above, or with a little dragon's
blood ; or a compound varnifh of equal parts of ieed-
lac and refin, with or without the dragon's blood.

The manner of laying cn the lacquer is as folh'jes :

Firft let the pieces of work to be lacquered be
made thoroughly clean ; which, if they be new
founded, muft be done by means of aquafortis. Be-
ing ready, they muft be heated by a imall charcoal
fire, in a proper veffel, or any way chat may be moft
convenient ; the degree muft not be greater than
will admit of their being taken hold of without burn-
ing the hand. The lacquer mull then be laid on by
a proper brufh in the manner of other varnifhes ; and
the pieces immediately let again in the lame warm
lituation. After the lacquer is thoroughly dry and
firm the fame operation muft be renewed again for four

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