The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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or five times, or till the work appear of the colour
and brightnefs intended. For very fine work, fome
ufe a lefs proportion of feed-lac, which oscafions the
lacquer to lie evener on the metal ; but, in this cafe,
a greater number of coats are required, which mul-
tiplies the proportion of labour: though, where the
price of the work will allow for fuch additional
trouble, it will be the more perfect for it.

The lacquering tin may be performed in the fame
manner, as is here directed for brafs, but being for
coarfer purpofes, lefs nicety is obferved; and fewer
coats (or perhaps one only) are made to fuffice. as the
lacquer is compounded very red, that the tinge may
have the ftronger effeft.

Locks, nails, &c. where lacquer is only ufed in a
defenfitive view, to keep them from corroding and
not for the improvement of the colour, may be treat-
ed in the fame manner ; but one or two coats are
generally thought fufficienr. Though, where any re-
gard is had to the wear, the coats of lacquer or var-
nifh fhould always be of a due thicknefs, when they
are to be expofed to the air; otherwife, the firfr moifl
weather makes them chill, and look grey and mifty,
in fuch a manner, that they are rather injurious than
beneficial to the work they are laid upon.

The lacquering picture frames, &c. where the
ground is leaf filver, may be performed in the fame
manner as hereafter direcied in the cafe of gilding
leather ; the circumftances being nearly the fame,
except with relation to the texture of the fubjeel: ; to
fuit which the different manner of treatment may be
eafily adapted. But the lacquer, as was before ob-
ferved, may be the fame.
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