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International studio — 42.1910

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Decorative Paintings by Prof. Carl Marr

speciality of Hungary and
well worth developing, for its
beauty is undeniable.

Naturally there is a larger
demand for bobbin-lace, which
finds its way all over the world.
For needle-point, unfortunately,
there is no great demand at
present. Yet for its beauty and
charm Hungarian needlepoint
compares well with that of any
other country. It is the old
story told everywhere — the
initial expense. If ladies could
only be induced to overcome
their scruples on this point they
would be rendering a great
service to themselves and to

cushion with soutache embroidery. design adapted from an old

peasant motif

lace was made as far back as 250 years ago), O M E NEW DECORATIVE

Nyitra and Zolyom, or to "wander" from place PAINTINGS BY PROF CARL

to place till a suitable locality is found for planting ^ MARR
a school, then to wander further afield after a
certain proficiency has been attained among the If it were necessary to offer a title for the
workers. Their task, as may well be imagined, is decoration by Professor Carl Marr recently
not always an easy one. completed for Schloss Stein, it might be called

All work done in the provincial schools is sent An Allegory of Life, being, in fact, a free adapta-
to the central school in Budapest, and is paid for tion in form and colour of the Seven Ages of Man.
on delivery, irrespective as to whether it is sold or The decoration is disposed as a great frieze that
not. Holiday courses are held in Budapest every adorns the four walls of the banquet-hall in the
year, so that the teachers may be kept in touch palatial residence of Count von Faber-Castell.
with the latest phases, and moreover enjoy that While there is serious and careful thought in
intellectual life they have
been perforce denied in
the provinces. They
receive special stipends
during their stay, the
entire cost being borne
by the State.

The specimen of em-
broidery here reproduced
does not, of course,
belong to our topic, but
work of this kind comes
within the scope of the
schools. It is worked
with the finest silk sou-
tache on home-spun linen,
and the design is un-
mistakably Hungarian, jhb banquet-hall, schloss stein, near Nuremberg, the residence of
though built up on graf von faber-castell, containing a series of decorative paintings
modern lines. This is a by prof, carl marr