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Miss Louise Lyons Heustis

PORTRAIT by louise lyons heustis

Some examples are shown herewith of
_J the interesting work of Louise Lyons

Heustis, whose portraits attract attention
in current exhibitions. That she can handle color
effectively has been shown in a number of portraits
of men in hunting costume, of which one, repro-
duced herewith, suggests the touch of spontaneity in
her delight in vivid huts. ( )n the other hand, such
a portrait as that of Gibbs Mansfield shows how the
artist can acquit herself in a vigorous use of blacks.

Miss Heustis studied in Paris with Robert Fleury
at Julian's and under Charles Lasar and MacMon-
nies. Following her Paris training came a year's
work in Italy and considerable study in the Na-
tional Gallery at London, after which Miss Heustis
came to New York and at the Art Students' League
worked under William M. Chase. In Paris she
gave particular promise in composition and in the
Chase class later took prizes in portraiture. Like
so many other painters of the day, she advanced her
technique after laying her academic foundation by

portrait of by louise l. heustis

gibbs mansfield

practical work in illustration. She is a contributor
to the regular exhibitions of ;the National:Academy
of New York, the Pennsylvania Academy of Phila-
delphia and the Art Institute of Chicago, etc.She
is a native of Mobile, Ala.

The death of William Maris, of Holland, re-
moves the youngest of the three brothers. He was
born in 1844 at The Hague. With his elder brother
James and the less-known Matthew he was the sub-
ject of one of the recent extra numbers of this maga-
zine. Unlike his brothers, says Croal Thomson in
this publication,William had no training at an acad-
emy and he trusted greatly to his intuitive love for
his native Netherlands and studied solely through
its charms. In summer he spent all his time in
working out of doors in the fields and in winter in
sheds and stables studying cattle. He took pride in
pointing out that while his two brothers studied first
in Antwerp and afterwards in Paris he was his own
master, after his first brief lessons from his brothers.

A considerable number of Maris pictures are
now owned in I'nited States and Canada.

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