International studio — 42.1910

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surface quality
that will hold the
visitor in his cor-
ner of the gallery
wondering why he
has not been made
more familiar with
this young man's
work. Mr. Daing-
erfield is, of course,
of a diff erentgroup
in time and in
character. His In-
candescent Sun is
hung in a post of
honor, facing at
the center of the
opposite wall Ho-
ratio Walker's
well-known yoke
of oxen. Mr.
taste in color is in
as marked a con-
trast to that of the
other newcomers
and that of many
of former mem-
bers of Mr. Mon-
tross's group as
could well be
found. His themes
have the stir of im-
agination in them
always and are
worked out with
spirit. Mr. Met-
calf's November
Sunshine has been
repainted in part.

to time in this magazine since he first returned Mr. Hassam, who is represented, has been spending
some six years ago from his sojourn in Italy, where the summer abroad, contrary to his usual custom,
his study attracted him to that primitive note since An interesting portrait of Theodore C. Steele by
characteristic of his subject and his composition. F. W. Wright has been on view at the galleries of M.
His main concern plainly is for color. His can- Knoedler & Co., 355 Fifth Avenue. Mr. Steele is
vases are rich, sometimes fairly heavy with bril- usually represented in the larger exhibitions, where
liant hues. The keen, deep blue of the sea in the his canvas has often shown attractive glimpses of
Sappho at the Montross gallery sets the key for this the violent hand of man on nature, the industrial
recent performance. Mr. Winter, who has received town squatting on the river edge of the Ohio. An
less attention, is no less enamored of the riches of active member of the Society of Western Artists,
sheer color, but perhaps he cares more for the Mr. Steele is also a prominent figure in art circles in
beauties of design, if his present painting is an indi- Indianapolis. Mr. Wright is a young painter, now
cation. The delight in skilfully wrought patterns at work in New York, and his portrait shows serious
in fabrics and hangings is coupled with an attractive workmanship.

Courtesy o\ M. Knoedler & Co.


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