Petrie, William M. Flinders
Illahun, Kahun and Gurob: 1889 - 1890 — London, 1891

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1 cm

Inductive Metrology. 8s. 6d. Stanford. Racial Portraits. 190 photographs from the Egyp-

tian monuments. 45^. Harman, High Street,
Stonehenge : Plans, Descriptions, and Theories. 4to. Bromley Kent.

3s. 6d. Stanford.

Historical Scarabs. Drawings of 2,220 from the
The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh. Cheap and principal Collections. 68 plates. 8s. David

Revised Edition. 8 plates. 6s. Field & Nutt.

Hawara, Biahmu, and Arsinoe. 30 plates. 16s.
Tanis, Part I. 19 plates. 25*. Triibner & Co. Field & Tuer. (Out of print.)

Tanis,PartII.;NebeshehandDefenneh(Tahpanhes). Tell el Hesy (Lachish). 10 plates. ios.6d. Alexander

64 plates. 2$s. Triibner & Co. Watt

_, Medum; with chromolithographs of the sculptures.

Naukratis, Part I. 45 plates. 25*. Triibner & Co. ^ preparation.)

A Season in Egypt, 1887. 32 plates. 12s. Field Ten Years' Diggings. A popular account. (In
& Tuer. preparation.)
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