Studio: international art — 34.1905

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Munich Students

ART STUDENT LIFE IN he may possess, this sweet belief in his inherited
MUNICH. BY L. VAN DER genius stamps him unmistakably.
VEER From early October till the middle of July the

whole of Munich is in the hands of her students.
Everywhere one turns in Munich one's eyes Other art centres have their "student quarters,"
light upon art students. They seem always to and one sees but little of the species in other portions
be coming and going in every direction. Some of the town, but in Munich, as nowhere else, the
carrying paint boxes,
others canvases wet from
recent efforts, whilst
many have nothing
other than their peculiar
garb and the unmistak-
able air of painter-aspir-
ants to tell the passing
stranger who they are.
Among the thousands of
students in Munich one
picks out the art student
at a glance. Sitting next
him at a cafe may be
a dreamer in ancient philo-
sophy or an enthusiast in
the dead languages, in-
different as to the length
of his locks and to the
state of his linen, but one
never mistakes the one
"calling" for the other.
Every art student cherishes
the firm conviction that
he has all the ingredients
of the grand old masters
stowed away in his person-
ality, and no matter how in-
significant an individuality study of a head by scilern
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