Studio: international art — 34.1905

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Recent Designs for Domestic Architecture

In the wooden ware two elaborate tables were OME RECENT DESIGNS FOR


angular Stand, by Mr. Ikeda, was certainly a

notable production. In it the severe structural Limnersland, Southbourne, of which we

lines imparted such a sense of solidity and repose give illustrations, was designed by Mr. J. H.
as readily permitted of the intricate carvings being Brewerton, of the firm of Brewerton & Shepherd,
effectively massed in a fret just below the top. for Mr. S. A. Lindsey, the well-known artist.
The idea of the Carved Ornamental Centre Stand, Economy being essential, as much as possible of
which was shown by Fujiwara, was based upon the covered space inside the four square walls had
floral influence for motifs, which adhered quite to be utilised for the primary use of living in, and
faithfully to the natural forms. The pine trees of as little space as possible devoted to the only
Sumiyoshi Beach were adequately depicted in a secondary use of communication, that is to say,
carved writing box by Akira Yokoyma. passage ways. One of the essentials was a large

Very charming and very wonderful things were room with a north light for a studio, which could
shown in the department of embroidery, the large be used occasionally as a reception room. A studio
wall-hanging describing a lion, by Iida, having been with a north light only is often found depressing
a triumph in the needle worker's art, and the cherry and bad for the health, and consequently one long
blossoms and goats by Nishimuro was equally room was planned right through the house, with a
commendable for painstaking workmanship. Then window south commanding views of the sea ; and
an accomplished series of framed pic-
tures of the seasons was exhibited by the

same artist. A subject by Tanaka /**1>-**fc,
that was admirable for pictorial quali-

ties was a monkey suspended from 'iK^^^MMrtif

the branch of a pine tree jutting dia-

gonally into the picture. The mellow jY^HLk
colourings of the one entitled Spring, 1 ^

with its dark water and pale-green sky, I v. W

were subtle auxiliaries to a carefully felt Mr $

arrangement. One of the most telling

subjects among the textiles, which were ^B^wlf-v- mWBS^'

not confined altogether to the em- iflL. vHH^ ^Hy

broideries, was a marine, showing a • ^

flock of wild ducks, done in Yuzen ^ ^|,

dyed cut velvet, by Iida. . ^ _ 7 |

Perhaps, after all, the most interest- M£ \w Jl

ing contributions to the entire section B )

were the working designs and plans for :'-.«t, ^aJB^^te"

articles of manufacture and construc-
tion. And a design for wall paper
with chrysanthemum motif by Geiko
Uyino, and the front and side eleva-
tions of a gate with chrysanthemum
decorations by Morita were creditable
examples in this field.

Now that Japan has opened up her
country to the reception of Western
ideas, it is to be hoped that the plastic j
nature of so sensitive an artistic race /flEpE

may not suffer from the contact— ^^■■■■■■'■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■^ ■

may not lose that subtle charm and _

grace which distinguishes her native ^^^^^■^^^^^^^^^^■HBHBBBBMBHBBHB^


M. I. G. Oliver. bronze : cowboy with milk pail by yama i.aki

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