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A Room Decorated by Charles Conder

are as decoratively appropriate as they are naturally find him pursuing an old ideal of his art, and to

charming, and have the fullest measure of the true find him, above everything else, aiming at beautiful

poetic spirit. His landscapes with incidental figures, proportion. Indeed, a regard for the beauty that is

and his pure landscapes of the Lakeside type, are inevitable from an observance of right proportions,

sensitive, dainty, and well observed, distinguished by shows a recognition on the part of the architect of

the happiest observation of atmospheric qualities, what architecture, as the basis of all other arts, really

and by that perfect refinement which comes solely is. Architecture is the construction of set scenes

from intimacy of understanding If he had not in which the drama of life is acted out. Domestic

been so close a student, he could never have architecture creates for a man a little world in which

grasped so firmly the elusive mysteries with which he may surround himself with everything necessary

nature veils herself from the unsympathetic soul, to the development of his personality. In so far as

and he could never have ranked himself so high domestic architecture remembers that it is always

as her faithful and earnest interpreter. the background to man, and that it should have a

A. L. Baldry. restful beauty, it is good : where it forgets this in its
own glorification, where it imposes itself on his eyes

AROOM DECORATED BY instead of giving them rest, it is bad; and this rest-

CHARLES CONDER BY T fulness is obtained from proportion, elegant and

MARTIN WOOD accurate, mathematics justifying instinct, as in an
Adams' room. An indifferent work of art hung

Picture painting, having grown out of wall in a rightly built room does not detract from that

painting, has never really been divorced from archi- room to the extent that a beautiful picture is

tecture ; it is in fact its most exquisite flower. For detracted from when it fights against unpleasant

the architect then to lead consciously up to fixed surroundings. The impulse which in the eighteenth

decorated panels or to the movable picture is to century carried pictures across everything, fans,

panel in water-colours on silk

by charles conder
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