Studio: international art — 34.1905

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Studio- Talk


tions in different methods, Mrs. Mac-
• donald's stand out by their excellent

V M| craftsmanship, the knowledge of the

material displayed and by their unique
designs, whilst still adhering to that
refinement and restraint which is char-
acteristic of the best modern work,
however original in its intention. Her
material is one of great durability,
improving in quality by age, and it is
pleasant to handle, a desirable factor in
binding. Especially is it suitable where
the book is subject to everyday use,
and she has used it with effect in the
binding of visitors' books, club rolls,
and the like. Not only does it retain
and even improve by use, which would
cause a soft gold-tooled leather soon to
lose its qualities, but it acquires, as
time goes on, a certain dignity, which
is the true characteristic of this type of
binding, but which it only realises
gradually as the look of newness goes
from the leather. Apparently Mrs.
Macdonald is the only person success-
ful at present in this style of work. It
becomes quite personal to herself from
the fact that the designs, which by
bookbinding BY MRS- MACD0NALD themselves are of a remarkably high

(See London Studio-Talk)

child from the clutches of a mother tigress. Ein
Deutsches Madchen, by Gerhard Janensch, por-
trayed a demure young maid, her head easily
poised and her fine shoulders loosely draped.
Another head, depicting the tenderness of youth,
was offered by Ferdinand Lepcke, and was named
Surprised. It showed the sweet countenance of
a little girl, with a saucy-looking bow in her hair.
The spirituelh face, called Cecilia, by Eduard
Beyrer, of Munich, was tinted marble in some-
what of an Oriental treatment; it was one of the
choicest things of the collection.


(From our Own Correspondents)

LONDON.—The bindings in undressed
morocco by Mrs. Rae Macdonald
emphasize what we pointed out in
the December number as to the
vitality and originality displayed in the art of
bookbinding to-day. Amongst the bindings to bookbinding by mrs. macdonald

be met with in various arts and crafts exhibi- (See London Studio-Talk)

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