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Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

Whistlers Art Dicta and other Essays. By A. E.
Gallatin. (London: Elkin Mathews.) \(ys.
net.—The title of this little volume is somewhat
misleading, and its price out of proportion to its
value. It does not contain any unknown dicta
from the pen of the author of " The Gentle Art of
Making Enemies," but merely a few brief comments
on utterances already famous, supplemented by an
essay on the recent Memorial Exhibition at
Boston, U.S.A. With these are bound up fac-
similes of two or three unimportant letters, some
notes on certain unpublished drawings by Aubrey
Beardsley, several of which are reproduced, and an
account of an unfinished romance from his pen.
It is difficult to understand why two artists who
had so little in common should have been thus
bracketed together.



wicker table designed by m. a. nicolai

Class A. Decorative Art.
A IX. Design for Wrought-Iron Oil Lamp.

Our competitors have again failed in their con-
ception of what is necessary in a case of this kind.
Simplicity is here the primary need—something
L(SuDresden'Ytudio'-Talk) that the village blacksmith can execute at no great

expense. A lamp such as that designed by Tramp
table. A member of an aristocratic family, Ladislas would be altogether out of place in a village ; ex-
de Paul was born in 1846, studied at Vienna, and cellent though the design is, it is much too elaborate
worked for some years at Barbizon, where he was and expensive for a village. The same remark
admitted to the intimacy of the great Frenchman applies to Jimmie's design. That of Halberd is in
who had made that charming locality world-famous, some respects satisfactory, but why the feet for a
He devoted himself entirely
to landscape, and in his ex-
hibited paintings he showed - vr.,~mS -

how keen was his sympathy ^VWWv^
with Rousseau and with
Corot, certain of the ex
amples of his Fontainebleau
studies given by his bio
grapher combining some
thing of the grand mannet
of the former with the soft
chiaroscuro of the latter
Ladislas de Paul died in
an asylum in 1879, and m/

not the least interesting f ............" *| Ijjj^^^ * Hpl8Ii~ ' 'fc

page of Bela Lazar's

book is that quoting a |
letter written by Munkacsy
to the sister of his lost
friend giving her an account

of his last illness. wicker chairs (See Dresden Studio-Talk) designed by m. a. nicolai

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