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Awards in ''The Studio" Prize Competitions

her own in the new era that is dawning for the A WARDS IN " THE STUDIO
whole of Europe. I\ PRIZE COMPETITIONS.

Guildford in the Olden Time. By Dr. G, C.

Williamson. ' (London: George Bell & Sons.) •* *■ Class A. Decorative Art.

$s. net.—Now that the old landmarks are being A II. Design for a Shooting Trophy.

everywhere obliterated—and Guildford, like so The judge -m this competition, whose award we

many other country towns, is becoming modern- received as we were going to press, considers that

ised—it would be difficult to over-estimate the the designs submitted by Nemo (E. H. Rouse,

value of such a work as this monograph on his 33 Chesholm Road, Stoke Newington, N.) and

native town, from the pen of Dr. Williamson. Cestrian (Fredk. Perry, Cherry Orchard Avenue,

Deeply attached to his birthplace, in which he has Chester) are equally deserving of first place, and

passed all his life, the well-known art critic has therefore awards to each a prize of Five Guineas,
found time, in the midst of his many other avoca-

. c 1 4. * • r A VIII. Design for a Cottage Porch.
tions, to collect a vast amount of important infor-
mation that has never before been published in a Simplicity of material and construction should
single volume. His deeply interesting narrative, always be the dominant note in cottage architecture,
enriched with a variety of excellent illustrations, ManY of the designs received in this competition
the greater number reproductions of water-colour err in being much to0 elaborate for the purpose
drawings in private possession, traces the history of In some cases the cost of carrying them out would
Guildford from the first reference to it in the will of probably amount to as much as the cost of the
Alfred the Great to the middle of the nineteenth cottage itself. The realisation of simplicity in
century. Many are the charming pictures Dr. design is undoubtedly one of the most difficult
Williamson calls up by the way of the quaint old city problems which confront the student of construe-
in Norman and more recent times, that incidentally tive art That which is most direct and answers
throw considerable light on certain deeply important the purpose in the fullest degree, while being
side-issues, as when in his account of the govern- attractive in its simplicity, is the paramount
ment of Guildford, he observes that the question desideratum. The curse of modern design is
of inhabitancy, upon which the whole system of over-elaboration. In awarding the prizes for this
the law of election turns, was first raised there, competition the judges have selected those designs
Especially valuable from the archaeological and which aPPear to fulfil most directly the purpose
historical point of view are the descriptions and required, with due regard to economy of material,
reproductions of the corporation arms, plate, and FlRST Prize (Three Guineas): Brush (Percy
insignia, with those of the coins issued from the Lancaster, 231 Lord Street, Southport).
Royal Mint, that, to quote the author's own words, Second Prize (Two Guineas): Psammead
"form a kind of metallic history of the period at (Christopher C. Biggs, 38 Ivy Road, Cricklewood
which they were produced," whilst his explanation N.W.).

of the origin of the Court of Piepowder, with the HoN- Mention : Ferry (F. E. J. Oatley);

meaning of its quaint name, will delight alike the Kenelm (F. W. B. Yorke); Scott (J. H. Kinnear);

student of law and language. Un0 (Basil w- Billinge).

Dress and Decoration. With an Introduction by a XI. Design for a Show Card.

Arthur Fish. (London : Liberty & Co.) 7*. 6£ First Prize (Five Guineas): Avesha (G. D. Giles,

Messrs. Liberty have sent us a copy of a tasteful ((Gledholt)» West Park> Far Headingley, Leeds),

publication, entitled "Dress and Decoration," Second Prize (Three Guineas): Tim (F. Timings,

which contains a number of large colour plates « Pmehurst," Hands worth Wood, Birmingham),

showing how women's costumes, while conforming TmRD pRIZE ^Two Gldneai). Rupert (A. R

in a measure to the prevailing mode, can be CuxelL ^ New Walk> Leicester).

adapted to individual tastes. The designs re- HoN_ Mention . Paint g. L. Bradley, " Cran-

present mainly happy combinations of the best m0T&,, Bectiye Roadj ?utney)_ The kst named

characteristics of remote periods, such as the js pUrchased
Italian Renaissance and the French styles of the

18th century, with the necessities of the present Class B. Pictorial Art.

day. The result is grace of line and form with B VI. Drawing of a Picturesque Old

harmonious colourings which are creditable to the Cottage.

designers. In awarding the prizes in this competition greater
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