Studio: international art — 34.1905

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

through the illustrations and not to learn much strictly limited to one hundred numbered impres-

from the study and comparison it is so easy under sions, we doubt not that a sufficient public will be

the circumstances to make. The volume contains found to take advantage of this somewhat unique

about sixty illustrations, reproduced with the utmost and costly production,
success. In the introductory essay Mrs. Arthur

Bell, from her extensive knowledge of Italian paint- a W^RDS IN "THE STUDIO"



ing, throws much light on the surroundings of the
painter, giving, by her interesting way of writing,

a chapter which adds greatly to the value of the 1 \ ^ a

, , o j .-. Class A. Decorative Art.

Sir Edward Burne-Jones. By Malcolm Bell. a vi- Design for a Well-covering.

(London : Newnes' Art Library.) 2>s- 6d. net.—In We are greatly disappointed with the designs

his undoubtedly triumphant accomplishment of the sent in for this competition, taken as a whole, and

difficult task of writing with freshness on a subject much regret to be obliged to withhold the First

he has already treated exhaustively, the author of Prize. Nearly all the competitors have failed to

this new study of Sir Edward Burne-Jones assumes, master the requirements of the case. In many

perhaps, rather too much knowledge on the part of instances the structure has been so designed that

his readers. But for this small drawback, and a two persons would be required to draw water—

drawback it will be to the uninitiated only, the one to wind and the other to take the bucket on

brief account of the prolific artist must satisfy his its arrival at the top. It is essential in the case of

most ardent admirers. It forms a fitting Envoi a village well that one person should be able to

to the fine and thoroughly representative series of draw water without assistance. In other instances

reproductions of his work, amongst which the render- the cover has been so designed as to form a sort of

ings of the Pan and Psyche, The Flower of God, room, in which seats are placed for people to sit

and The Rock of Doom are especially beautiful. and wait. Accommodation of this kind is, as a

Headlong Hall. By Thomas Peacock. (London: rule, not a desirable thing in a village, being apt to

George Newnes.) 3-f. 6d. net.—One of the series encourage gossiping and idleness. Moreover, it

of " Thin Paper Novels," with an excellent portrait would become a resort for children in playtime,

of the author as frontispiece and a beautifully with, possibly, disastrous consequences,

designed end-paper by H. Granville Fell. Taste- The Second Prize (Two Guineas) is awarded

fully bound in dark blue sheepskin, this volume is to Poupoule (G. H. Cox, 87 Rue de Calais,

as handy and pleasant to read as any of its many Boulogne-sur-Mer) ; and Hon. Mention is

attractive companions. accorded to John Oak (Frederick Lawrence);

Messrs. Seeley & Co. (London) are reissuing, Autolicus (R. Froude Tucker); Arab (H. N.

in altered form, some of the monographs on lead- Edwards); Timbux (F. Timings and B. Porter),

ing artists originally published by ihem under the Cl\ss B Pictorial Art.

title of The Portfolio Monographs. The series in- fi y_ Design fqr the Back qf Playing Cards.

eludes volumes on Gainsborough, Orchardson, Guineas) Isca (Ethel

Watteau, Fred Walker, Rossetti, and the late Pro- , ,„., „ T N

, . , , n ^ 1 T Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James s, Exeter),

fessor Anderson s very excellent work on Tapanese „ ' _ , „ „ . N „ , /T,

, ' , Second Prize (One Guinea) : Brush (Percy

wood engraving. 1 he volumes are strongly and T „ , ,

• ■ i . j « , . , . , Lancaster, 231 Lord Street, Southport).

artistically bound, and at the low price at which ' ,, ,. '_, „ . .

. ' , * , . , . Hon. Mention : Molly (Mary F. Booth);

they are issued (namely, 3*. 6d. each) are within ^. ,. _ TT.„. rr J ,„ TT '

the reach of all. G^[° £ < Vats (S. Homerl) j

_ TT ._ ■ , Asphodel (Maude M. Hanson).

Mr. Franz Hanfstaengl (London) announces r v

the publication of an important portfolio of the Class C. Photographs from Nature.

works of Sir Joshua Reynolds at Althorp House. C v. Winter Landscape.

It will contain eleven well-known examples of the First Prize (One Guinea) : December (H.

painter's work, each reproduced in its original Neville, 81 Revidge Road, Blackburn, Lanes.),

colours by an expensive process of chromo-photo- Second Prize (Half-a-Guinea) : La Forge (W.

gravure. It will be issued to the public at the price C. Crofts, 9 Northwich Terrace, Cheltenham),

of forty guineas. Judging from the example we Hon. Mention : Brockie (J. T. Walsh) ;

have seen, there can be no doubt about the beauty Memoa (H. C. Leat); Volly (Woldemar Kurrik);

of the reproductions ; and as the issue is to be Laerte (Alberto Grosso).
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