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work it is the motive that is the essential form, commissions : some she is now executing for the

not the definite outline. The colossal enterprise altar decoration of a church in Nottinghamshire,

of the artist commands one's respect: nothing The one illustrated on page 340 is a panel painted

daunts her. Take her now well-known enamelling, jn transparent colour on a heavily grounded back-

for example. Lady Carmichael showed her how ground : it ornaments a room designed by Mr.

the metal was prepared and enamels used : straight- Lorimer, the architect.

way she ordered a stove, set to work, and, as soon The secret of Mrs. Traquair's success in every-

as her experience warranted it, launched out into thing she takes up is the whole-hearted, earnest

such ambitious objects as a triptych, containing manner in which she throws herself into the work

thirteen enamels, illustrating the sorrows and final 0f the moment; and, be it also noted, she never

triumph of Psyche. A casket of copper gilt and seems to lose a moment; even her needlework

ivory designed by her was inlaid with six enamelled pictures, exhibited at St. Louis, were done during
panels representing the history of Ariadne ; this ' a given spare hour of each day. Energy such as

was presented to Mr. Butcher of Edinburgh by this deserves the success it attains,
the students of his Greek class. One of her most
beautiful enamels is a triptych of the "House ot

Life," still in her studio. What a studio that is, bl UU1U"1ALK

too, just a bare little room, a section of the gallery <From ou> °wn Correspondents)

of a small disused Free Church, the nave a sculptor's I" ONDON.—The strength and variety of the
workshop, the rest of the building divided up into summer exhibition of the Royal Society

three or four tiny studios. The firing stove stands of Painters in Water-colours can be

out prominently ; a few panels are stacked against heartily commended. The collection is

the walls, but not much finished work is on view, one which worthily represents what is best in the

nearly all being dispatched on completion. present-day effort of the British water-colour school,

Panel painting procures Mrs. Traquair many and it includes much that is admirable both in

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