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Reliques of Old London

AHUNT AFTER RELIQUES OF are many others who enjoy the same sport, and
OLD LONDON. BY T. R. WAY. ta^e no uttle pride in showing their finds to
appreciative friends.
The sporting instinct seems to be in- For, notwithstanding the vast amount of build-
grained in the English character, but most devotees ing, and " improvements " involving the sweeping
of the usually recognised forms of sports, whether away of old houses, the City and its near suburbs
it be hunting, racing, or athletics, would be much still contain an immense number of buildings,
astonished, not to say amused, to be told that the interesting by their age and character, unpre-
collector shares some of their joys when he makes tentious it may be, but having a distinction which
a real find, and that he will take infinite pains in shames the shoddiness of a more recent period ;
tracing out some fine specimen on the track of whilst here and there are to be found mansions,
which he has got, and finally achieve as great a the houses of prosperous City merchants, now en-
thrill of joy and more lasting too, in its acquisition, gulfed by the ceaseless growth of the giant's
than that of the regular sportsman however sue- boundary.

cessful his hunting may have proved. But it will One goes to work in quite a methodical manner :

be asked what has this to do with the hunt after an old map of London is necessary as a guide, and

reliques ? By " reliques" I mean to refer to maps of quite sufficient accuracy are to be found

ancient and picturesque houses : their hunting out in most of those old histories of London published

has proved a source of great pleasure and interest about the beginning of last century, such as

to me for many years past, and I know that there Hughson, 1805, or the little " Picture of London,"



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