Studio: international art — 34.1905

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Jacques Etchings

■■ ' 1 3^^^^^^^^^* ~"^-v, '■ • | have had his vein of

humour, for, before he
settled down to make
those pictorial re-

•-' • /. " "... cords of rural life which

^ f■ - •< ' ■ have won for him un-

dying fame, he em-
ployed himself making

landscape by professor l. dill a series of caricatures

of doctors and their
patients and of soldiers
International Expositions—in Chicago, 1893, and for such papers as the "Charivari."
in Paris, 1900. He is a member of honour at the Then, later, he composed and etched as a
Munich Academy of Art and of the Secession, " remarque" on his plate Les Buveurs the fol-
and a corresponding member of the Secession of lowing quaint and very blank verse in a lingo
Vienna. His favouiite, and in fact only medium, known only to himself:
is that of water-tempera, and his pic-
tures are all low in tone and harmonious
in effect rather than striking in con-
trasts. He has a habit of looking at
things through dark glasses so as to
do away with the unnecessary details
and to condense the light and shadow
into masses. He loves to have warm
tones next to cold ones, and there is
nothing he likes better than to wander
over the moor in the early morning and
pick out bits of its classic scenery to
be combined into one charming and
harmonious whole—just as his own per-
sonal feelings picture it.

L. Van der Veer.



The portrait of Charles Jacque etched
by himself delineates for us a man of
deep thought, his face somewhat morose

in appearance, and worn into picturesque ,, „ . „ .

rr ' . le tueur de porcs (1844)

furrows by work and weather. Were it by charles jacque

2 [6

from the etching
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