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“ Secession ” as trustees of the Hormann Foundation.
Th. Hormann died just before the “Secession” Society
was started. He it was who gave the initiative to its
inauguration. His widow sold the artist’s works by
auction, and gave the proceeds to the “Secession”
for the purpose of this foundation, the stipulation being
that a picture was to be bought every year or every second
year, painted by an artist who, though possessed of
individuality, had not met with due acknowledgement
and whose work was free from imitation. Hence the
purchase of this picture, which has been presented to
the Modern Gallery. But the “ Secession ” has also
presented other pictures to the Modern Gallery, works,
too, by artists other than Austrian ones in spite of the
fact that from the foundation of the Society they have
never received any material patronage from the Court,
Government or city. But its members have always striven
for art for art’s sake, and this has brought about its

success, both from an artistic point of view
and from a business one. In spite of the fact
that the Society pays all the expenses of
pictures and works of art sent from other
countries and for their return, as well as the
duty on such as are sold, charging only a very
small percentage on sales, its financial posi-
tion is highly favourable. At the present ex-
hibition the sales have been more than
usually large and are likely to increase.

A. S. Levetus.


(From, our Own Correspondents.)

LONDON.—All students of modem
silver-craft and of modern jewellery
await with fresh interest every
new thing from the workshop of
loading ...