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Awards in “ The Studio ” Prize Competitions

book form. The author has a fine appreciation of
the men whose work she discusses, and the ex-
amples she gives of their paintings are well chosen.
Her accounts of Cazin and Steinlen are especially
interesting, and bring the personalities of two men
of a very different type vividly before the reader.

The Elements of Architecture. Collected by
Henry Wotton, Kt. (London : Longmans,
Green & Co.) ios. 6d. net.—A truly delightful re-
print from the first impression issued in London
in 1624, by John Bill, of Sir Henry Wotton’s
treatise on what he calls “Well building,” which,
in his opinion, “ hath three conditions : Commo-
ditie, Firmeness, and Delight.” Dividing his
subject into “ two generall Heads,” this able author
deals in the first with “ The Seate and the Worke,”
and in the second with the Decoration of the com-
pleted building, which he says is “ Every Mans
proper Mansion, House and Home, being the
Theater of his Hospitality, the Seate of Selfe
Fruition, the comfortiblest part of his owne Life,
the noblest of his Sonnes possessions.” Clearly
printed on hand-made paper, with ornaments de-
signed by Herbert P. Horne, the little book has
caught the very aroma of the original, and will
delight all lovers of literary gems of the past.

The Early Work of Titian. By Malcolm
Bell. (London : George Newnes.) 3s. 6d. net.
—It is somewhat surprising to find an essay on the
early work of Titian beginning with a picturesque
account of the funeral of that master ; but Mr. Bell
justifies his unusual proceeding by making his
description of the imposing ceremony the prelude
of a review of art in Venice during the century that
had elapsed since the birth of the great colourist.
He claims that Titian, though not a native of the
lagoon city, was a Venetian of the Venetians, loving
her as though he had been indeed her son. Mr. Bell
has little that is new to say of the early work which
is nominally his theme, but the numerous and
well-selected illustrations speak for themselves.

Filippino Lippi. By P. G. Konody. (London :
George Newnes.) 3V. 6 d. net. — The author

divides the work of the master into three periods
— that produced when he was still under the
influence of his predecessors, that of his prime,
and that of his decline, which, he says, “was
characterised by an inordinate leaning towards the
florid decorative motifs of the high Renaissance,
of which Filippino was, as it were, the very incar-
nation.” An examination of the numerous admir-
able illustrations accompanying this essay will
prove the justice of these remarks.

A new erasing material, appropriately named
“ Erasit,” has been brought to our notice. It is a
composition which the makers claim does not
damage the drawing paper as, unlike indiarubber,
it does not wear away the surface. The piece
we have tested bears out the claims which are
made for it by the producers, Messrs. Duncan
Campbell & Son, Glasgow.

Awards in “the studio”


Class A. Decorative Art.

A xii. and xiii. Design for a Bedroom
Suite and Sideboard.

The judges have been unable to find among the
designs submitted in these competitions any to
which they feel justified in awarding the first prize.
The Second Prize of Two Gui?ieas in each they
award to Mac and Ferry respectively.

A xiv. Design for a Stencilled Panel.
First Prize {Three Guineas) : Pan (Fred. H.
Ball, 85 Scotland Road, Carlisle).

Second Prize (Two Guineas') : Brush (Percy
Lancaster, 231 Lord Street, Southport).

Hon. Mention : Penna (E. G. Hallam) ; Trelba
(A. W. Dodd); Jupiter (A. M. Appleton).

Class B. Pictorial Art.

B ix. Design for a Menu Card.

Some excellent designs have been sent in, but
one rather conspicuous fault in some of them is
that sufficient space has not been allotted to the
menu itself. This is an important point, and
should have been borne in mind.

First Prize (Two Guineas) : G. H. (George
Halford, 3 Chesham Grove, Bradford, Yorks).

Second Prize {One Guinea) : Eutyche (Oswald
Schwemmer, 2 High Street, Harlesden, N.W.).

Hon. Mention : Dautieryl (A. M. Burleigh); Nes
(G. S. Peddie); Nick (H. Brockhurst) ; Pan (F. H.

Class C. Photographs from Nature.

C ix. Spring Landscape.

First Prize {One Guinea) : Bromide (John B.
Hopkins, 189 Castle Road, Cardiff).

Second Prize {Half-a- Guinea) : Strathearn

(C. D. Kay, Highfield, Itchen, Southampton).

Hon. Mention : Beans (J. O. Banks); Beech-
wood (D. Dunlop) ; Coppernicus (J. H. Greville) ;
Keipergaun (B. Redford); Keyzaston (E. Hepburnj;
Lux (E. H. Douglas); Owlet (Miss M. Best).

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