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Society Nation ale des Beaux-Arts, 1905


kind in question that possessed some tendency to
true artistic vitality and independence were some
Swedish domestic embroideries, the designs of
which were based upon native patterns and exe-
cuted in the time-honoured national manner.”

This was encouragement enough, and the society
was accordingly started. During the thirty years
now passed since then, it has done a very great
deal of good in the proper direction. The society
has exclusively devoted itself and its exertions
towards a desirable development of women’s art-
work and home-handicraft. It has nearly one
thousand paying members, mostly women, who
have a right to the free loan of the society’s patterns
and designs, and free admission to all exhibitions
held by the society. Even this society is partly
supported by Government grants.

The most important of the younger societies
of this class is doubtless Foreningen for Svensk
Hemslojd, which was established in 1899, and
has for its chief object to support and en-
courage the home-industries, particularly the art-
slojds, of the home against the exterminating
influence of modern machine - made goods. It
has now nearly seven hundred paying members,
and is supported not only by the Government, but
also by nearly all county councils in the kingdom.
The chairman of its council is the clever painter,
H.R.H. Prince Eugen.

The most important concern of this description

in Stockholm is probably Nordiska Kompaniets
Textil-Afdelning Thyra Grafstrom, which was
started in 1897 ; and it may justly be said that it
has since then, under the clever direction of
Mrs. Grafstrom, turned out a great number of
most charming works.

Another large firm is Gjobel’s, founded in 1885.
The artistic adviser of this concern is Mr. A.
Wallander, who has during many years worked
in that responsible capacity, and always with ad-
mirable results. A great number of the works
executed by this firm have been designed by

In addition to these business concerns, it may be
mentioned that two of the great societies spoken
of have extensive showrooms of their own, where
excellent textile works, executed in the homes or
in the schools, may be inspected by intending
buyers. The profits of the sales effected by these
naturally go, at least in part, to the funds of the
respective societies.

The salon of the societe


A visitor to the fifteenth exhibition or the
Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts, who eschews
all preconceived ideas, and who on entering,
ignores all friendships, camaraderies, or other pre-

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