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Recent Designs for Domestic Architecture

chitect. The old house, which has
passed through such a long stage of
decay that complete re-building was a
necessity, left a space upon which a
house must be constructed, retaining to
itself something of the traditions of
the old building. It must be such that
it could, phoenix-like, re-incarnate the
ashes of past tradition of the old house,
and save them from perishing with its
debris. As the family seat of the Man-
sels, the old house had its share in the
history of country mansions. To whom-
soever the task fell of building the
new house, it was important that it
should not symbolise a departure from
its old presumptions: it should be made
to remain a link with the past, its con-
nection should be preserved with all
the historical associations of the sur-
rounding landscape.

In the house which Mr. Mitchell has
built for Sir Courtenay, the present
owner of the title, these conditions ap-
pear to have been magnificently carried
out. The house is built of stone partly
re-used from the demolished old build-
ing and partly from the owner’s own
quarries, and the marble for mantels
and pavings has all been quarried on the
estate. Every effort has been made to
preserve reverently all the old traditions


Recent de-
signs for


Maesycrugiau Manor
is a house which has been
built from the design of
Mr. Arnold Mitchell in the
heart of the Welsh moun-
tains, on the romantic site
of an old house which has
only recently been pulled
down to give place to the
modern house illustrated in
our coloured supplement.

Here was an undertaking
tasking to the utmost the
resources of a modern ar-
loading ...