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IN a recent number of The Studio we intro-
duced our readers to the work of this young
Russian architect - painter, who, although
known by his achievements to art-lovers
in his own country, had as yet had no opportunity
of making himself known to more than a very few
outside of it. From the four coloured reproduc-
tions there given of George KossiakofFs water-colour
drawings readers of The Studio were enabled to
form an estimate of his capabilities, both as a
draughtsman and as a colourist. In the present
number we give two further coloured reproductions
akin in motif to those already published, along with
two in half-tone from sketches made during a visit
to Constantinople. A few details concerning the
career of this promising young Russian artist may
not be out of place.

As a pupil of the Imperial Academy of Fine
Arts, George Kossiakoff was in the class of Louis
Benois, professor of architecture. After finishing
his course in 1900, he was rewarded with the Prix
de Rome, and sent abroad to strive after further

He has brought back a whole series of sketches
and water-colours from his travels in Greece, Italy,
France, England and Germany. During his
sojourn in Constantinople he worked in the
interior of the cathedral of St. Sophia, and in
Rome he applied himself to the study of buildings
dating from that period of papal supremacy which
is noted for its progress in the art of architecture.
While there he took the measurements and made
a reproduction of the famous villa of Pope Pius IV.
in the gardens of the Vatican.

His drawings of this perfect monument of the
sixteenth century, built by the architect Piero
Ligorio, as well as a great number of sketches and
water-colours which Kossiakoff brought back from
this journey, were exhibited in 1903 in the
Academy, creating quite an unusual sensation,
and the whole collection has been acquired for
the Museum of Architecture belonging to the

Alike as showing his knowledge of drawing and
the delicate harmony of his colouring, the water-
colours of George Kossiakoff are particularly inte-

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