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scheme which will improve by the mellowing
touches of Nature, and, as it thus improves, will
acquire that look which every building in the
country should take to itself, of harmonising
with the prevalent type of landscape surrounding
it, and with the character of the locality.


(From our own Correspondents)

LONDON.—The large picture of The Lady
of Shalott, by Mr. Holman Hunt, which
has lately been put on view in Messrs.
Arthur Tooth & Sons’ Galleries, can
certainly be accounted a wonderful achievement
for an artist who has for nearly sixty years played a
part of particular prominence in the art world.
The canvas proves in a most indisputable manner
that he has lost neither his command over technical

processes nor his sincerity of conviction ; and it
is distinguished by very memorable imaginative
qualities. Realistic, searchingly exact, and minutely
complete it is, most certainly; but it has a com-
mendable atmosphere of poetic invention, which
makes its actuality by no means unattractive, and
gives to the whole work a special degree of per-
suasiveness. Its rich colour and depth of tone, its
careful draughtsmanship, and its impressiveness of
effect are among its most conspicuous merits; and
in none of its details is there any sign of failure in
the artist’s powers.

All lovers of dainty and personal art must have
found much to delight them in the exhibition of
the remaining works of the late G. H. Boughton at
the Leicester Galleries. The show included few of
his larger paintings, but among the smaller oil
pictures, the water-colours, and the pastel drawings

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