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Awards in “ The Studio” Prize Competitions

volume disclaims any intention of checking students
from going direct to nature for their inspiration, it
it is impossible to help fearing that the too constant
use of it may have that result. Mr. Clark, how-
ever, meets this objection by dwelling on the
difficulties in obtaining at any given moment the
right plant, and the right information concerning
such plant, which is essential in order to make an
original drawing. He has, moreover, wisely refrained
from supplementing the drawings given by examples
of their decorative application, which, after all, is
the true test of ability, and the book may therefore
justly be recommended to teachers in towns who
find it impossible to procure actual floral models.

London County Cou?icil School of Photo-Engraving
and Lithography : Ninth Annual Report of the Prin-
cipal. (London : 6 Bolt Court.)—The variety and
excellence of the illustrations accompanying this
report speak eloquently of the good work which is
being done at this school. During the last few
years wonderful strides have been made in mechani-
cal engraving, and it is necessary that those engaged
in this class of work should keep in touch with the
latest methods employed, and be thoroughly aii
courant with all the different reproductive processes
in vogue. The curriculum of this school offers to
the student every facility in making himself familiar
with these processes. We also observe some excel-
lent work done by the students in the art classes.
The report is well worth the attention of all who
are interested in the reproduction of works of art.

We have received from Messrs. Winsor & Newton
a specimen of the new “ Walker ” water-colour
sketching box, which is made of japanned tin, and
is most compact. The actual dimensions of the
box are 6f ins. long, 2\ ins. wide, and i in. deep.
It contains twelve half-pans of moist colours, a
palette pan for washes, water cups, and brush-
holders. The box can be securely fastened to the
side of a sketch-block, book, or board, by means of
two strong metal clips, which slide in between the
leaves. The right hand of the user is thus left free
for the manipulation of the pencil or brush, whilst
the wrist and left hand can easily retain the box
and block. The box is inexpensive, and will
doubtless be much appreciated.

In the June number, page 72, we illustrated
some belt-buckles executed by the Barnstaple Guild
of Metal-workers. These buckles were designed
by Messrs. F. Braddon and J. Dewdney, and not
by Mr. F. J. Partridge, who is not connected with
the Guild.

Art in Photography.—The interest which The
Studio from its early numbers has manifested in
the progress of art applied to photography has
culminated in a Special Number being entirely
devoted to the subject. The reader of this number
will be able to judge from the numerous plates
which it contains better than by any amount of
description, of the remarkable advance which has
been made. Although from unavoidable causes
examples of the work of Messrs. C. D. Kay,
J. C. Warburg, and R. S. Harding could not be
included, the number of illustrations contained
in this volume, greatly exceeds that originally

Awards in « the studio ”


Class A. Decorative Art.

A XV. Design for Silver Tea Service.

The outcome of this competition is very dis-
appointing, and the judges regret to be obliged
to withhold the second prize The First Prize
of Three Guineas they award to Crafts (Fred.
White, 19 Amott Road, East Dulwich, S.E.), and
Hon. Mention to Blade (J. T. Niven); Batwing
(J. W. Wilkinson) ; and Moss (M. O. Sharp).

Class B. Pictorial Art.

B X. Design for a Music Cover.

First Prize (Two Guineas') : Pan (F. H. Ball,
85, Scotland Road, Carlisle).

Second Prize (One Guinea) : Brush (Percy
Lancaster, 231 Lord Street, Southport).

Hon. Mention : Peter (Peter Brown); Lsca
(Ethel Larcombe); Daimeryl (A. M. Burleigh);
Kismet (Jane Pawsey); Joe B. (Eliz. Weinberger);
Alastor (R. S. Angell),

B XI. Design for a Monogram.

(Great Western Railway.)

The Prize of Two Guineas in this competition
has been awarded to Taunton (Chas. Doust, 24 St.
Aidan’s Road, East Dulwich, S.E.).

Class C. Photographs from Nature.

C X. Domestic Interior with Figures.

First Prize (One Guinea) : Adelboden (Miss C.
Ellis, Summersbury, Shalford, Surrey).

Second Prize (Half a-Guinea) : Mask (Tho§.
Kent, Albert Square, Kirkwall).

Hon. Mention : Nomad (Emile Frechon).

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