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Awards in “ The Studio " Prize Competitions


Awards in


Class A. Decorative

A VII. Design for
Hand-printed Table-
Covers and Bedspreads.

First Prize (Ten
Guineas) : Ryde (Hugh

Slade, 137 Norwood Rd.,

Herne Hill, S.E.).

Second Prize {Five
Guineas) : Pratte (E. J.

Walmsley, 26 Cooper St.,


Third Prize {Three
Guineas'): Halbar{Harold
C. Bareham, 4 MacFarlane
Road, Shepherd’s Bush,

London, W.).

Fourth Prize {Two Guineas): Magpie (T.

Allwork Chaplin, 23A Daphne Street, Wands-
worth, S.W.).

A design by Pop (Helen M. Topham, Coney-

hurst, Ewhurst, Guildford) has been adjudged
equal to the fourth prize, and has been purchased
for two guineas.

A X. Design for a Garden Seat.

We think our competitors have, on the whole,
not quite grasped the requirements of a
garden seat. Not only should it be com-
fortable to sit upon, but it should also be
constructed to withstand as far as possible
the inclemencies of the weather. Garden
seats are rarely made so that rainwater will
drain off quickly enough. In many cases
it would be an advantage if the back could
be made so as to let down and cover the
seat, or the seat itself to turn back when
not occupied, so as to be clean when
required for use. These are points which
seem to have received very little attention.
In many cases, too, sufficient details have
not been given to show construction.

First Prize {Three Guineas): Bux
(Bernard A. Porter, 15 Handsworth Wood
Road, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham).

Second Prize (Two Guineas)-. Rustic
(Basil W. Billinge, Ecclesbourne, Farnham).

PIon. Mention : Light (Sydney R.

Turner) ; Geoff (G. L. Clarke); Robin
Hood (Leonard W. Walton) ; Craig (Henry
T. Wyse); Brush (Percy Lancaster);
Athol (W S. Hamilton); Psammead
(Christopher C. Biggs); Mabel (J. W.
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