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The Lalique Exhibition

only record the presence of pictures by artists often
studied and appreciated here, such as Menard,
Morisset, Aman-Jean, Louis Picard, Zuloaga,
Billotte, and Thaulow. I can also only mention
Carriere, whose magnificent portrait preserves the
high level attained by his finest works.

At every exhibition M. Dinet impresses us still
further as the first of our orientalists, whose ripened
talent leaves us in doubt which most to admire,
the faultlessness of his method or the fidelity of
his observation. I regret my inability to ex-
amine more at leisure the work of various artists,
who are perhaps less known, but who are showing
great progress : Guillaume Roger, with his views
of Holland ; M. Chevalier with his solidly painted
luminous seascapes; M. Waidmann, whose ex-
cellent landscapes have been seen at his exhibition
in the galleries of modern artists; M. Almagia,
whose Return from Mass is full of vigorous detail,
freely and firmly treated ; and M. Courtens and
M. Willaert, whose landscapes are an honour to
Flemish art.

Every Salon seems to associate itself with the
memory of some particular work or artist. We
have had the year of Rodin’s Balzac, the year of
our lamented Puvis de Chavannes’ Summer, and
that of Besnard’s Happy Isle. This Salon will be
remembered for its collected exhibition of the
work of a very great and noble artist who has been
dead some years, J. C. Cazin. It is here only that
will be felt the rare sensation of having before one
something definite, realised with the certainty of
genius, and there is no doubt that these fine
landscapes will hold their own with the most
perfect work bequeathed to us by the school
of 1830. Henri Frantz.



M. Lalique is courageously Parisian
in the way that he gives his great imaginative
skill to the splendours of fashion. Many people
might be prone to underrate the genius of the

table-centre in silver (By permission of Messrs. T. Agnew <5^ Sons) designed by r. lalique

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