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Swedish Tex tiles

The present-day textile arts of Sweden may
justly boast of a very imposing and highly
interesting pedigree—not so much, perhaps,
if we compare their history with that of the
similar arts flourishing in the Continental
art-centres in times gone by. Grand artistic
design and laborious composition are in the
arts of Ultima Thule admirably substituted
by the now properly recognised and equally
important qualities of noble simplicity in
form and colour.

The textile home arts of Sweden are,
indeed, of very great antiquity, and that
the past was capable of turning out charming
works is made .eminently manifest by the
examples still existing in our public and
private collections.

cover by h. starck The evolution of design and creative ideas

seems, however, to have been remarkably
artist. He also shows an admirable bit of design slow during many centuries. The old time
for a gold medal to be given to Signor Marconi honoured patterns have been used over and over
by the City of Venice.

Nocturne, by Pietro Fragiacomo, is
charming in colour. Fine in composi-
tion and breadth of feeling is his Idylls.

Francesco Sartorelli’s December, a
symphony in browns, is full of repose
and extremely dignified in arrangement.

In the Heights is a fine rendering of
subtle tones.

Italico Brass is a young Italian who
is receiving a marked degree of attention
in this exhibition. His portrait of
Signora Brass is a direct forceful bit of
painting. His Daughter of the Sea is
very spontaneous and charming in
colour, but it is not so well drawn
as his Rosa Appassita. Arthur Rietti
shows three very interesting portraits,
low in tone and fine in character.

The French, German, Spanish, and
remaining Italian provincial rooms I will
treat in another article. A. S. Covey.

The textile arts in


We have been asked to state that
the Annual Exhibition of the Sheffield
Society of Artists, which will this year be
held at the Sheffield Technical School
of Art, will open on August ist.



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