Studio: international art — 50.1910

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The International Society's Exhibition



Following the precedent of the past two
years the annual exhibition of the International
Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers has
been arranged as a double event—a general ex-
hibition of works by members and others invited
by the Committee, and a special exhibition con-
secrated to “ Fair Women.” In previous years,
when the exhibition was held at the New Gallery,
the International led the way in the annual pro-
cession of important exhibitions, but this year,
with their transference to the Grafton Galleries,
they have elected to come with the throng. The
first part of the exhibition came to a close last
month, and the second part, which followed it, will
continue open till the end of July. In this
article we deal only with the former.

There is always a sense of freshness and liveli-
ness in the air at the “ International; ” this is a
quality which does not diminish there with
succeeding exhibitions, and if one work after

another fails us as an individual triumph we are
always in the end rewarded by finding in some
few canvases the sources of this pleasurable sensa-
tion. We cannot help believing too that it implies,
genius to hand somewhere; and a visit to the
exhibition then becomes a search for this among
some things that are only ostentatious and others,
that are purely imitative.

The semi-circle of impressionist pictures formed
round the dais this year at the end of the large
room was in appearance a distinguished part of
the exhibition. The intervening dais helped to-
keep the visitor at the proper distance for a right
appreciation of this kind of painting, and its.
peculiar beauties, chiefly of colour. In these the
brushwork is carried to the logical conclusion of
the modern method—to the achievement of a
touch that expresses everything with an effort that,
apparently amounts to nothing. Living to them-
selves and their art, these French painters at last,
get to exchange with each other, in art, everyday
sentiments by means of the briefest symbol, but
there is an outer world to whom they are not.

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