Studio: international art — 67.1916

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Drawings by Percy Noel Boxer


In these days of art decadence or rena-
scence—whichever term may suit one’s point of
view—when an art school or any other training is
looked upon as an incumbrance in the career of
an artist, it is a relief to turn to the pencil drawings
of Mr. Percy Noel Boxer, which are notable for
the evidences of severe training, craftsmanship, and
intimate appreciation of the full resources of this
charming medium which they reveal.

Both Blackheath Art School and the Goldsmiths’
College, New Cross, claim a share in Mr. Boxer’s
art education, and living in the South East of
London he naturally found on the riverside subject
ready to his hand, and it is a matter for congratu-
lation, now that the old order is giving place so
rapidly to the new, that these picturesque corners
of old Greenwich have found so accurate and
sympathetic a recorder.

Apart from their technical excellence, on com-
parison with the original subjects it will be noted

that little has been suppressed and nothing added
to these drawings for the sake of the picturesque.
Like Whistler in his Thames etchings, Mr. Boxer
takes his subjects as he finds them, and who shall
say that, like Whistler, Mr. Boxer’s maturer work
may not present similar subjects in their more
poetic aspects, transformed from prose to poetry
by the varied phenomena of nature which alone
makes a picture out of a subjects For Mr. Boxer is
still wanting a few months of thirty, and as he uses
oil paints, water-colours, and the etching needle
with equal dexterity, we may hope for many
pleasant surprises in his future work. Unfortu-
nately, owing to prolonged illness he has been
incapable of serious effort for some time, and those
who now see his drawings for the first time will
join with his many friends in good wishes for his
speedy recovery.

It may interest workers in a similar medium to
know that the large variety of tone in these draw-
ings is obtained by the use of pencils ranging
from 6H to 6B on a smooth chalk-surfaced
paper. Percy Buckman.

By P. Noel Boxer


“ A Corner Shop
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