Studio: international art — 67.1916

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altogether successful in conveyance of the artist’s
message to the attentive observer.

The Gold Medal of Honour of the Academy was
conferred upon Mr. Alden Weir, President of
the National Academy of Design, New York, in
recognition of his eminent services to the cause of
American art. He was represented in the exhibi-
tion by a group of ten works, among them a fine
portrait of Robert W. Weir, Esq. The Jennie
Sesnan Gold Medal for the best landscape was
awarded to Mr. Emil Carlsen’s Entrance to St.
Thomas' Harbor. The Carol H. Beck Gold Medal
for the best portrait went to Mr. Douglas Yolk’s
Dr. Felix Adler. The Walter Lippincott Prize of
three hundred dollars was secured by Mr. Karl
Anderson for his canvas entitled The Heirloom;
and the Mary Smith Prize of one hundred
dollars for the best work by a woman went to
Miss Nancy M. Ferguson for her picture entitled
In Provincetown. The Widener Memorial Gold
Medal for the most meritorious work in sculpture
by an American citizen was awarded to Mr. Edward

McCartan for his life-size bronze figure entitled
The Spirit of the Woods.

Notable works by landscape painters exhibiting
included Mr. Gardner Symons’s Winter Glow,
Carolina Sunlight by Mr. Elliot Daingerfield,
Pennsylvania Landscape by Mr. Edward W. Red-
field, Autumnal Note by Mr. J. Francis Murphy,
Brook, Autumn by Mr. Charles Rosen, The Stone
Boat by Mr. Chauncey F. Ryder. Mr. John Singer
Sargent exhibited one work, a Moorish Courtyard,
beautifully subtle in colour and atmospheric
envelope. Good examples of work in figure-paint-
ing were shown by Mr. William M. Chase in his
Sunlight and Shadow, by Mr. Daniel Garber in
Tanis, awarded second Altman Prize at the New
York Academy Winter Exhibition; by Mr. Wm. M.
Paxton in his highly finished performance entitled
The Letter; The East Window by Mr. Childe
Hassam; by Mr. Richard Miller in his Reverie,
by Mr. Thomas Eakins in Music, Mr. Frederick C.
Frieseke in Torn Lingerie, brilliant in high-keyed
colour, Mr. H. A. Oberteuffer in his boldly attacked

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