Studio: international art — 67.1916

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“ A MOSCOW merchant’s wife
(“Mir Isskousstva,'’ Moscow)

again effectively displayed
in the life-size figure of a
typical Russian merchant’s
wife and an entirely nude
‘‘ beauty ” more or less of
a type that appeals to the
Russian middle-class civi-
lian. In spite of their good
qualities and certain mas-
terly painted details, both
works failed to carry con-
viction of the working of a
strong temperament, and as
compositions they suffered
from the undue accentua-
tion of the backgrounds.
Kustodieff’s beautiful
designs for stage decora-
tions were greatly admired.

Amongst the Moscow
artists two representatives


of the left wing of this school, I. Mashkoff and
P. Konchalovsky, figured at the “ Mir Isskousstva”
exhibition with works characteristic of their par-
ticular bent, as also did M. Saryan and P. Kusnet-
soff, whose numerous Oriental motives fascinated
by their original notes of colour. Eloquence of
expression and rhythm of line distinguished
N. UlianofFs portrait of a boy (here reproduced),
one of several portrait studies in colour which this
artist exhibited. On the other hand, the land-
scapes and still-life pieces of Igor Grabar, who
made a reappearance at this exhibition after an
absence of several years, left a rather cold

As usual at the “ Mir Isskousstva ” displays
the graphic art section was abundantly supplied.
Amongst the book decorators and illustrators I
would name particularly S. Tchekonin, who
exhibited some very fine pages and some minia-
tures executed in enamel, and P. Charlemagne,
while of the silhouettes of Mile. Kruglikova I have
already spoken on a previous occasion (see April
number, pp. 208-9). Boris Grigorieff and N. Tyrsa
both gave evidence of talented draughtsmanship and
marked individuality, and amongst the sculptors
some interesting work by I. Koort, I. Yefimoff,
and S. Mezentseff was to be seen. P. E.


(“ Mir Isskousstva,” Moscow)
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