Studio: international art — 68.1916

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Some Pastels by George Sheringham

SOME PASTELS BY MR. GEORGE can be handled in whatever manner may fit best

SHERINGHAM mtent^on °f ^s art or tne character of the
work on which at the moment he may happen to

There is a great deal of nonsense written be engaged. It can be carried far and elaborately

about pastel by critics who have not taken the finished, or it can be treated slightly and sketchily

trouble to study the medium—in criticisms of to suggest the facts of the subject chosen ; it can

exhibitions of pastel paintings it is common to see be used broadly and in masses like a painting

this or that type of work praised as correct and medium or with the line method of a drawing ; and

legitimate and other types dismissed as departures there is hardly any class of subject which cannot

from technical propriety or as misapplications of be realised and expressed with its assistance,

the process. Such attempts to limit the scope of No better illustration of the adaptability of

pastel and to fetter with conventions the freedom pastel to a particular purpose could be desired

of the artists who use it in their work are the more than is afforded in the works by Mr. George

to be deplored because they are inspired by the Sheringham which are reproduced here. These

ill-informed opinions of the critics themselves and decorative fantasies depend essentially for their

are founded neither upon knowledge of the history effect upon the right adjustment of lines and

of the medium nor upon understanding of its masses and upon the well-considered placing of

capacities: dogmatism of this sort is as harmful colour spaces; they demand little in the way of

as it is misleading. realistic representation of fact, and require no

For, really, there are no rules which can be laid high degree of surface finish and no elaboration

down for the management of pastel. It is a of execution for elaboration's sake. Their charm

medium which can be applied in almost any way lies in their daintiness of suggestion and in what

which suits the personality of the artist, and which may be called their speculative interest; in the

" the pond "

LXVIII. No. 281.—August 1916

by george sheringham
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