Studio: international art — 68.1916

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Reviews and Notices

artist prisoners of war in their studio at giessen

has proved himself a close observer of develop- MacWhirter, and original etchings and mezzotints

ments in various countries ; and in this publication by Mr. Herbert Dicksee, Mr. A. C. Meyer, Mr. M.

too he reviews the work of artists of diverse Cormack, Miss Dorothy Woollard and others,

nationality with rare acumen. Thus we find in Miss Woollard's etching Burnham Beeches, repro-

this new volume essays on Carl Larsson and Anders duced in our March issue, is published by this firm.

Zorn of Sweden, Arthur Rackham and Frank -.

Brangwyn of England, Steinlen, Raffaelli and The picture postcard reproduced above reached

Guys of France, and Alberto Martini, the Italian us recently with the following interesting letter

artist whose weirdly imaginative work the British from the Prisoners of War Camp at Giessen :

public had recently an opportunity of studying at ^ ^ ^ ^

first hand in an exhibition at the Leicester Galleries ; , „

. Dear sir,— We nave received many numbers of The

and Mr. Brangwyn figures again With others in an Studio from Mrs. Humphrey [Secretary, Prisoners of War

interesting essay on " L'ltalia nelle Stampe degli Relief Fund] and she writes me that y°u were the kind

. . , , . donator. We appreciate them greatly and send you our

Incison Stramen. All the essays are abundantly most grateful thanks and best wishes.

illustrated with excellent reproductions of works The " we " are about twenty men, of many various artistic

, . , . . . talents and qualities, from theatrical scenic painters to

by the several artists dealt with, and as a variation "Beaux Arts" painters.

rom the black-and-white text illustrations a few 1 am sending you a picture postcard, which I hope will

, , • , reach you, showing a corner and some men posed for the

coloured plates are inserted. camera but who were not actually at work in these positions.

.-■ From left to right are i Algerian, as model ; 2 A. Staclens,

... , j r _ ■»«- t7 j t> j a Belgian actor; 3 A. Venelle, Belgian student ; 4 Patoiss-

Y\ e have received from Messrs. Frost and Reed, eaux, student of Nantes ; 5 myself; 6 Dupont, a French

of Bristol, a copy of their Catalogue of Etchings, architect; 7 Tisseire, a French caricaturist; 8 a Belgian

T-i ■ j 1____!>_:_*. t ■ ■ 1 student of architecture; 9 R. Drouart, a French artist;

Engravings, and Colour Prints, containing a large IO a man who has left.

number of excellent half-tone reproductions of There are four British in the " we." A. Nantel, on " The

1 li' 1 j u i.u™ tj>„™; „ t „ Standard," Montreal, myself, and Alan Beddoe, student,

works published by them. Prominent among 0tUwa, are in CamdUn regiments, and one man, a decorator!

these are prints after pictures by various Old in English regiment. The best artists here are Raphael

Masters, English and foreign, the marine pictures 5™*?* Patoi™' ,and Bedtdoe'

' b 0 ' 1 JNantel and 1 isseire; the rest are architects, decorators,

of Mr. Napier Hemy, the subject pictures of furniture designers, etc.

Mr. Frank Dicksee and Mr. Dendy Sadler, the Th^king you again f,>r your kindly thoughts and actions,

1 ' on behalf of the Giessen Art fraternity.—I remain,

landscapes of Mr. Joseph Farquharson and Mr. Yours truly, Lewis Renateau.

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