Wood, John T.
Discoveries at Ephesus: including the site and remains of the Great Temple of Diana — London, 1877

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Errata ct Corrigenda.

For 'Sundries from Ephesus,' p. 22, read 'Inscriptions from the Peribolus Wall,' &c.
Nos. 2 and 3.

Page 24, for ' when 1 commenced work,' read ' where,' ..Sic.
Page 30, for ' Falkner,' read ' Falkener.'
For ' Iris,' p. 31, read ' Isis.'

For 'Sundries from Ephesus,' pp. 39, 41, &c, read • Inscriptions from the City and

Page 47, for 'Sundries,' &c. read ' Inscriptions from the Odeum, No. 6.'

Page 52,>r 'ten feet deep,' read ' ten feet wide.'

Page 154, foot-note 1, for 'No. 1,' read 'No. 3.'

Page 154, foot-note l, for ' No. 4,' read ' No. 2.'

Page 188, for 'female struggling with Hercules,' read ' Herakles struggling with an

The plate opposite page 224 should have been lettered, Sculptured Drum No. 4, and the
plate opposite page 23S should have been lettered, Sculptured Drum No 5

Page 234, for ' to a line at a given distance of the pavement,' read ' from the pavement.'

Page 239, foot-note, ' see Plate.' No illustration of these fragments was ultimately pre-
pared, but they were similar in character to the subject of the plan facing page 214.

Page 243, for ' Palmak,' read ' Parmak.'

Page 264, for '41S feet, 1 inch,' read '418 feet, \\ inch.'

Page 26S, for'ail the ordinary columns of the Peristyle,' read • al] the ordinary outer
columns,' &c.

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