Wood, John T.
Discoveries at Ephesus: including the site and remains of the Great Temple of Diana — London, 1877

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The Magnesia!) Gate—The River Manias—Road to Temple-Road to
Magnesia—Interesting Tombs—Ancient Wood Carving—Corcssian (late
—Plan of Exploration—Discovery of the Portico of" Damianus—Hin-
drances, Difficulties, and Dangers— Journeying from England -Con-
tinuance of Works Sarcophagi—Contents of Sarcophagi—Columbaria-
Sepulchral Recesses -Quarries—Via Sacra Miscellaneous Antiquities
Inscriptions Sepulchre of Androclus—A Sharp-witted Ganger— Hopes
and Fears—Discovery of Road leading to Temple - Difficulties —Works
Stopped by the t'urks—The Prince and Princess of Wales—The Mudir
■—Works Resumed —Supplementary Grant—Peribolos Wall of Temenos
Discovered—Interesting Inscriptions—Success More Inscriptions—In-
teresting Hi : lets Confirmed—Contract Work—Letter of Con-
gratulation — False Alarm —■ Brigands— Narrow Escapes — Intriguing
Mudir—Amusing Memorial—Telegrams -Curious Lettei Works Sus-

["he Mag-
nesta i

Having found the Magnesian and Coressian Gates,
mentioned in tin- great Salutarian inscription, I set as Gate.
many men to work as I could spare from the great
I heatre, to open up the roads leading from these gates
outside the City. In doing this I had to clear a large
space near the Magnesian Gate, which I found had con-
sisted of three openings, one of which was for the use of
foot passengers, tin- other two for chariots and waggons.
This -ate was fortified by large loop-holed towers which
flanked it on both sides. The whole of the- superstruc-
ture of the gate had fallen on the pavement, leaving th<
piers Mantling only 7 1 1 high. The pavement re-
loading ...