Wood, John T.
Discoveries at Ephesus: including the site and remains of the Great Temple of Diana — London, 1877

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Season" 1873-74. January to Abandonment of Excavations.

Suspension of Works —A Turkish Refusal — Discharge of Workmen
—Method of paying Men—Ancient Well—The Altar—Sculpture —
Foundations of Temple—Demolition of Church Foundations—Archaic
Frieze—Lion's Head—Cymatium—Excellence of Ancient Greek Art—
Mr. Newton on the Sculpture of the Temple—Boar's Head—The last
Temple but two—Iron Grille—Remains of three Temples —The last
Temple but one—The Temple Doors—The last Temple—The Platform
—Dimensions of the Temple—The Columns—Pliny's 'Columns Caelatae'
—Dedicatory Inscriptions—Intercolumniations—The Cella—The Hypae-
thron — The Altar — Sculpture of Phidias and Praxiteles—Sculptured
Frieze—Cymatium Superstructure — The Roof—Lamps — Antifixa—
Archaic Sculpture —Grecian Ionic Architecture—Architects of the Temple
—Ancient Writers now understood—The Marble Grecian Doric Building
—Cold Weather—Archaic Sculptured Column —Amount of Work done—
Sale of • Plant —Billal St. Luke's Tomb- Fidelity of Turkish Workmen
—Works closed—The Sappers—Results of the Season's Work—Anti-
quities shipped—We leave for England—Success of Mrs. Wood's Work
— My own Success—Conclusion of Narrative.

I HE year 1874 commenced with vexation and disappoint-
ment. Mr, Newton arrived January 2nd. and, even before
visiting the works, expressed his opinion that they had
better be stopped, as he thought they had not been suffi-
ciently productive this season, and that there was not
much promise of finding enough to justify further explora-
tion. In this view 1 did not coincide. He urged im-
mediate suspension of the works, and they were accord-
ingly suspended, much to the amazement and confusion

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