Wood, John T.
Discoveries at Ephesus: including the site and remains of the Great Temple of Diana — London, 1877

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Mr. Lowe's Grant of ^6,000—Excavations resumed—Sculptured Frieze—
Disappointed of Workmen—Cella-walls—Effects of an Earthquake—
Columns and their Foundations—Corinthian Capital—Marcus Aurelius
— Lack of Workmen—Third Sculptured Drum—Supply of Bread—
Hindrances—Inscriptions—Sculptured Drum—Sculpture—Lions' Heads
—Work done—Roman Pavement — Disappointment— Sickness—You-
rooks — Imprisonment of Men — Courban Bairam—The Temple was
Octastyle — Inscription — Bas-relief— Skulking — Gunboat — Narrow
Escape— Fourth Sculptured Drum—The Weather— Water— Sculpture
&c. ready for Export—The 'Antelope'—Mr. Newton —H. M.S. 'Ariadne'
—Cases &c. shipped—Greek and Latin Inscriptions—H.MS. ' Swiftsure'
—Crew at Ephesus—Cost of Excavation—Columna; Caelatac—Valuable
Cargo of ' Swiftsure'—Jews and Greeks—Water in the Excavations—
Arabs—Food of the Workmen—Strength of the Turks—Characteristics of
Workmen, Arabs, Turks, and Greeks—Fight between Turks and Greeks—
Imprisonment of Workmen—Workmen leaving—General Lord Henry
Percy, G.C.B., Y.C.—Excavations suspended—Contracts with Sapper.

The first few weeks in England were employed, with
the assistance of Mr. Newton, in providing against the:
difficulties which might possibly arise from the non-
renewal of my firman, and the consequent want of funds
for the continuance of the excavations, as it was unlikely
that the Treasury would authorise a grant without the
firman. We did all we could to interest the public in
case we might have to appeal to them for assistance ; but
loading ...