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erfrecht und habe mich darauf verlassen, wenn Du vor Alters Dich meiner
erinnert und mir Gnade erwiesen hast. O Gott, mein Herr, wie viel von der
Schmach hast Du zugedeckt, wie viel von den schnöden Dingen hast Du aus-
gewischt, und wie manchen Fehler —
Know, that Seyed Jelil bin (son of) Taos has narrated in the book of Akbal
(Prosperity), that Kemil bin (son of) Ziad said as Ibllows: I was sitting one
day with my master, the Commander of the Faithfuls, may the salutation of
God be on him, in the mosque of Basreh. The night of the middle of the
month of Scha'aban was mentioned. His majesty said "The prayer of each
man, who keeps awake in that night and spends it in prayer and recites
prayers to his majesty Khezer in that night, will certainly be accepted." His
majesty returned to his house. In the evening I called on him. As he saw
me, he asked me, "For what reason hast thou came here, o Kemil." "O
Commander of the Faithfuls", said I, "I have come to ask lor a prayer for
Khezer, may the salutation of God be on him." He ordered me to take my
seat and said, "If thou learnst this prayer by heart and recitest it every Friday
evening or once in a month or once in a year, or once in the life, then it is suf-
hcient against the mischief of thy enemies and will favour thee with Iriendship
and will cause to give thee daily sustenance. Thou wilt certainly be excused.
O Kemil! The length (period) of thy companionship and Service is the cause
of my having lavoured and distinguished thee with so many blessings and
excellence." He then asked me to write and taught me the prayer.

Ein Abschnitt aus dem populärsten Gebetbuch der Perser, Arabisch und Persisch
Nach einer Ausgabe Negef A. H. 1294 des Muhammed Husain, gedruckt in der
Druckerei des Häg Ibrahim.
Berlin, im August 190!. E. SACHAU.