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Britton, John
The architectural antiquities of Great Britain: represented and illustrated in a series of views, elevations, plans, sections, and details, of ancient English edifices ; with historical and descriptive accounts of each (Band 5) — 1835

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and 53. Duncumb's History and Antiquities of Here-
ford, vol. i. p. 565. Cath. Antiq—Salisbury, p. 39.


Baldwin, Archbishop of Canterbury, died in 1190.
Erected a Church at Hackington, near Canterbury,
and another at Lambeth.—Leland's Itinerary, vol. viii.
p. 79. Cath. Antiq.—Canterbury, p. 17.

Beauchamp (Richard), Bishop of Sarum, appointed
surveyor of works at Windsor Castle, in 1476, by
Edward IV. Probably made designs for rebuilding
St. George's Chapel; and built a Chantry Chapel in
Salisbury Cathedral. He died in 1481.—Cath. Antiq.
—Salisbury, p. 36.

Bek (Anthony de), Bishop of Durham, died in 1310.
Built and enlarged Barnard Castle and other for-
tresses.—Angl. Sac. vol. i. p. 754. Surtees's History
of Durham, vol. i. Introd. p. xxxv.

Berham (Elias de), Canon of Salisbury, Overseer of
the works at Salisbury Cathedral, in the reigns of
John and Henry III.— Lord Orford's Anecdotes,
chap. v. Cath. Antiq.—Salisbury, p. 85. Lord
Orford supposes him to have been the same person
who is called Elyas the engineer, in a record of the
reign of King John, relative to the repair of the
king's houses at Westminster, in 1209.—Lord Orford's
Anecdotes, edit, by Dallaway, vol. i. p. 4.

Birde (William), Prior of Bath, died in 1525. Carried
on the building of Bath Abbey Church, begun by
Bishop King ; and erected a beautiful Monumental
Chapel in the Choir.— Britton's History of Bath Abbey
Church, 4to. p. 35.

Biscop (Benedict). Built the Conventual Church of
Wearmouth, in the latter part of the seventh century.
—Bedffi Histor. Eccles. lib. iv. cap. 18.

Bloet (Robert), Bishop of Lincoln, died in 1123.
Finished the building of Lincoln Cathedral, begun by
Bishop Remigius.—Angl. Sac. vol. ii. p. 416. Ar-
chaeolog. vol. iv. p. 150.

Blois (Henry de), Bishop of Winchester, died in 1171.
Erected the Church of St. Cross, near Winchester.—
Angl. Sac. vol. ii. p. 421. Cath. Antiq.—Winchester,
p. 112. Milner's History, &c. of Winchester, vol. ii.
p. 153.

Bolton (William), Priory of St. Bartholomew's, Lon-
don, in the reign of Henry VIII. Supposed to have
designed Henry the Seventh's Chapel, where he was
master of the works.—Brayley's Acc. of Henry the
Seventh's Chapel, in Hist, of Westminster Abbey,
vol. i. p. 10.

Boterell (John) appointed in 1395 clerk of the works
for the alteration and repair of Westminster Hall, in
the reign of Richard II.—Stow's Survey of London,

edit. 1618, p. 887.—Rymer's Fcedera, vol. vii. p. 794.
Britton's Illustrations of the Public Buildings of
London, vol. ii.
Bourde (John), an artist of the fifteenth century.
Employed on the Beauchamp Monument, Warwick.
—Gough's Sepulchral Monuments, vol. ii. p. 117.
Arch. Antiq. vol. iv. p. 12. Blore's Monumental An-

Boyden (William), chief architect to the Chapel of the
Virgin at St. Alban's Abbey Church, erected between
1308 and 1326, during the abbacy of Hugo de Evers-
den.—Chron Archit. p. 162. Account of St. Alban's
Abbey Church, by Society of Antiquaries.

Bovfield (John), Abbot of Gloucester, died in 1381.
Supposed to have executed the Vaulting of the Choir
of Gloucester Cathedral.—Dallaway's Observations on
English Architecture, p. 73, 79.

Bray (Sir Reginald) died in 1503. The design of
Henry the Seventh's Chapel, Westminster, has been
ascribed to him, and also other works at St. George's
Chapel, Windsor.—Vide ante, and Index. Architec-
tural Antiquities, vol. iii. p. 33.-—See Bolton


Carpenter (John), Bishop of Worcester, died in 1476.
Built St. Mary's, or the University Church, Oxford.
—Pugin's Specimens of Gothic Architecture, vol. ii.
p. 8.

Carilepho (William de). See Karilepho.

Castell (Thomas), Prior of Durham, in the beginning
of the sixteenth century. Repaired the Eastern Gate-
way of the Cathedral, erected a Chapel over it, dedi-
cated to St. Helena; and also restored the North
Window of the Cathedral.—Account of Durham Cath.
pub. by the Soc. of Ant. p. 6. Angl. Sac. vol. i.
p. 781.

Chillenden (Thomas), Prior of Canterbury, died in

1411. Built the Nave of Canterbury Cathedral.—Angl.

Sac. vol. i. 143. Leland's Itin. vol. vi. p. 5. Cath.

Antiq.—Canterbury, p. 38.
Chrismas (Gerard), architect and sculptor, in the

seventeenth century. Designed Aldersgate, London.

—Lord Orford's Anecdotes, chap. viii.
Chyryton (William de), Abbot of Evesham, died in

1344. Built the Abbey Gate, with Chapels, Ifc.—

Rudge's Hist, of Evesham, p. 28. Vide ante, and


Clinton (Roger de), Bishop of Lichfield, died in 1148.

Built part of Lichfield Cathedral.—Cath. Antiq.—

Lichfield, p. 26.
Close, or Cloos (Nicholas), Bishop of Lichfield, died

in 1452. Angl. Sac. vol. i. p. 453. Supposed to have