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Britton, John
The architectural antiquities of Great Britain: represented and illustrated in a series of views, elevations, plans, sections, and details, of ancient English edifices ; with historical and descriptive accounts of each (Band 5) — 1835

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No. V.

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The date of Fonts, in general, can only be inferred by their style of design, or architectural features :
those of the earliest class are very rude both in form and execution, and must have been the workman-
ship of unskilled artisans. After the full establishment of the pointed system in Christian architecture
they are found to participate in the beauty and symmetry of the churches in which they are respectively
placed : and in the reigns of Edward III. and his immediate successors we find them highly adorned
with pannels, tracery, armorial bearings, &c. In a few instances they have inscriptions, as in those of
Lullington, Somersetshire, and Godmundham, Yorkshire.

Childrey Ch. Berks :—Circular leaden font, with figures.

—Lysons's Mug. Brit. i. p. 207, PI. xix.
Ashover Ch. Derbyshire.—Circular leaden, with niches

and figures__Topographer, vol. i. p. 01.

Great Plumstead Ch. Norfolk.—Circular basin on fluted

columns, with figures and ornaments—lead. Etched

by Cotman.

Dorchester Ch. Oxon.:—Circular leaden basin, with

figures in arches, on a more modern stone base.—Shel-

ton's Oxfordshire.
Piicklcchurch Ch. Gloucestershire :—Square at the top,

basin in the form of a Norman capital.—Lysons's

Glouc. Antiq. PI. lxii.
Aylesbury Ch. Bucks.:—Circular basin, of classical

contour, on a sculptured base, resembling an inverted

capital.—Lysons's Mag. Brit. i. p. 489. Pi.
Castle Rising Ch. Norfolk.—Square basin,with grotesque

sculpture, on a circular base, with tori mouldings.—■

Vide ante, PI.

Sapcote Ch. Leicestershire.—Circular, with sculptured
ornaments.—Simpson's Baptismal Fonts.

Pauler's-Pury Ch. Northamptonshire.—Circular, with
sculpture, on a plain block.—Baptismal Fonts.

Green's Norton Ch. Northumberland.—Circular, en-
riched with roses in diamond pannels.—Baptismal

Avington Ch. Berks.—Circular, with rude figures in

bassi relievi under arches.—Vide ante, PI. and In-
dex.—Lysons's Mag. Brit. vol. i. p. 207, PI. xxi.
Holt Ch. Worcestershire. — Circular, with grotesque

Eotherfield Grays, Oxon :—Square, with columns in the

angles.—Archaeologia, vol. x. PI. xxiv. p. 18C.
Fincham Ch. Norfolk :—Square, with figures in arches.

—Archaeologia, vol. x. PI. xxvii. p. 190.
Sharnbourn Ch. Norfolk.—Square, on four pillars, with

grotesque carving.—Archneologia,x. PI. xxiii.p 186.
Burrtham Deepdale Ch. Norfolk.— Square, on pillars.

Figures in arches.—Archfe. x. PI. xix. p. 180.
F.ast Moon Ch. Hants :—Square, on circular basement,

and four columns. Figures in rude sculpture.—Ar-

cha;. x. PI. xx. p. 183__Vide ante, PI.

Lincoln Calh.:—Square, supported on four columns,

round a circular shaft. Rude sculpture.— Baptismal


Belton Ch. Lincolnshire :—Octagonal, with figures in
arches, on low columns.—Baptismal Fonts.

Wansford Ch. Northamptonshire:—Circular, with
figures in arches, on four pillars.—Baptismal Fonts.

Winchester Cath.—Square, with rude sculpture, on a
circular basement, surrounded by four columns. Brit-
ton's Winch. Cath. p. 104. PI. xxx.

Deeping, St. James's Ch. Lincolnshire :—Circular, with
intersecting arches.—Baptismal Fonts.