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Britton, John
The architectural antiquities of Great Britain: represented and illustrated in a series of views, elevations, plans, sections, and details, of ancient English edifices ; with historical and descriptive accounts of each (Band 5) — 1835

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No. IV.

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The Pulpits of the Cathedrals and in many large churches were formerly objects of peculiar regard
with the clergy, and were consequently designed and executed with all the skill and ornament
that could be bestowed on them by the wealth and talents of the respective parties. They were gene-
rally placed in the eastern part of the church, facing the west, that the congregation might direct
their faces to the east. The puritans, however, departed from this arrangement, by following the
example of Sir Walter Mildmay in his chapel of Emanuel College, Cambridge. A clock was placed
over the pulpit of Dunstable Priory Church in 1483. Hour glasses were formerly affixed to many
pulpits. A rector of Bibury, in Gloucestershire, is said to have preached two hours at a time, by his
glass ; the 'squire of the parish preferring his pipe at home to the soporific discourse of the parson,
retired to his own house after the text, and returned to hear the blessing.1 Priests were sometimes
provided with watches by the parish.2

Noilhleach, Ch, Gloucestershire :—Octagonal, with tra-
cery on a slender pillar.—Lysons's Antiq. of Glou-
cestershire, PI. xxx.

Cirencester Ch. Gloucestershire:—Octagonal, with
tracery on a slender pillar.—Lysons's Antiq. of
Gloucestershire, PI. xxx.

Thornbury Ch. Gloucestershire i—Octagonal, with
panncls.—Lysons's Antiq. of Gloucestershire, PI.

Winchcomb Ch. Gloucestershire :—Octagonal, pan-

nelled, with embattled top.—Lysons's Antiq. of

Gloucestershire, PI. xxx.
North Cerney Ch. Gloucestershire :—Octagonal,

with tracery.—Lysons's Antiq. of Gloucestershire,

PI. vii.

Pitchcourb Chi Gloucestershire :•—Square, with tracery.

Lysons's Antiq. of Gloucestershire, PI. vii.
Tamerton Ch. Cornwall:—Enriched with tracery and

shields, canopy above with tracery, painted and gilt.

—Lysons's Cornwall, p. ccxxxii.
F.gloshayle Ch. Cornwall :—Octagonal, with deep

pannels and shields—Lysons's Cornwall, p. ccxxxii.

PI. xvii.

Combe Ch. Oxfordshire :—Octagonal, with tracery.—
Skelton's Oxfordshire Antiquities, p. 15, PI.

Conway Ch. Caernarvonshire :—Multangular irregular
figure, with tracery and battlements at top.

South Molton Ch. Devon :—Octagonal, with figures in
niches, &c. on a slender pillar.—Lysons's Devon, p.
329, PI.

Bovey Tracery Ch. Devon :—Enriched with niches and

foliage, gilt.—Lysons's Devon, p. 329, PI.
Totncs Ch. Devon :—Enriched with tracery and shields.

—Lysons's Devon, p. cccxxix. PI. ix.
Harburton Ch. Devon :—Enriched with foliage and

figures in niches.—Lysons's Devon, p. cccxxix.
Worcester Cathedral :—Octagonal, enriched with

niches, and a canopy.—Pugin's Specimens, vol. ii.

PI. xlii.

Magdalen College, Oxford:—Octagonal, with little
ornaments. Stone.—Pugiu's Specimens, vol. ii. PI.

Wolverhampton, Staff.:—A fine stone pulpit with stone

steps, hand rail, &c.
Winchester Cath. :—Cath. Antiq. Winchester, p. 70, PI.


Bristol Cath.:—Stone, with pannels, tracery, &c.
Southwell Ch.:—In the shape of a chalice, with a

foot and shaft, and attached steps—Gough's Sepul.

Mon. ii. 37G.

1 Rudder's Gloucestershire—Bibury.

1 Manning's History, &c. of Surrey, i. 31.