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Browne, Edward
A Brief Account Of Some Travels In divers Parts of Europe, Viz. [Sp.1:] Hungaria, Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thessaly, [Sp.2:] Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli: Through a great part of Germany, And The Low-Countries ... ; With some Observations on the Gold, Silver ... in those Parts ; As also, The Description of many Antiquities, Habits, Fortifications and Remarkable Places — London: Tooke, 1685

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A Description ofVitnm,
zet's hawk bad never ssown cross the A/?Z/e/^^/,to discover Countries
that must thus prove burial places to the Mufulman. However to
Belgrade he was forced to ssy, and there, for all his pains and, labour,
dye by the loss, of st is head, which he yielded quietly to an 4g.z of
the Janifaries, lent on purpose to receive it. Only with this intima-
tion,That the Sultan had promised him otherwile. Those. at Vienna,
in the mean time, giving God thanks, rejoycing, triumphing, and
coyning Medals in memory of their deliverance, two of which, of
Gold, 1 have here inserred.

The first hath on the obverse the head of the present Emperor Leo-
polds encompasied and supported with arms,and Trophies; with this
Inscription ;

Imp. Ccefar. Leopold. i. P. F. Auguf. P. P.
Imperator Ctefar. Leopolds Primus Pius Faelioc Auguftas Pater Patriae.
And on the reverse an Arm coming out of a Cloud, over the City
of Vienna, which supports the Imperial Crown, Sword, Scepter, and
Globe with this Inscription;
Confilio et Induslria.
The Second Medal hath high Dutch Tnscriptions. On the obverse
the Seige of Vienna, with this about it ;
This is the Finger of God.
And on the reverse this Inscription ;
The Turkifh pride which klreightnedyieoxn^, srom the fourteenth of
July, to the twelfth of September, 1683. was that day totally defir oy*
ed by the hand of the Lord.
To these, I have also added a noble Gold Medal of the Emperor
Ferdinand the second. These are all delineated bigger than they real-
ly are, that they might appear the more plainly; yet this last weighs'
above sixteen Guinneys, and is no ordinary Piece,