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Browne, Edward
A Brief Account Of Some Travels In divers Parts of Europe, Viz. [Sp.1:] Hungaria, Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thessaly, [Sp.2:] Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli: Through a great part of Germany, And The Low-Countries ... ; With some Observations on the Gold, Silver ... in those Parts ; As also, The Description of many Antiquities, Habits, Fortifications and Remarkable Places — London: Tooke, 1685

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A Journey from Colen in Germany to London; 18 i
niards ; but at present is in the hands of the Duke of Newburg. It be-
ing agreed at the conclusion of Peace between the Spaniards and the
Hollanders, That the Marquess of Brandenburg lhould have Marek and
Cleve, and the Duke of Newburg, Gulick and Berg. This is a Jiand-
some well fortified Town, the Streets {freight, and the Houfes of Brick.
The Cittadel consists of four Bajions, of a regular Fortification; with-
in which is the Princes Palace. The Piazza in the Town is handsome;
and the whole considerable for its beauty and (Irength.
July the s th. we came to Aken, or Aqu if granum, five Leagues distant t .
from Gulick ; the French call it Aix la Chapelle, srom a Chappe'l in the^*7’
great Church, much visited by Pilgrims from many parts; and samous
for the great number of Reliques preserved therein. When the Romans
made War upon the Germans, they possessed themselves of divers places
between the Rhine and Maes. And Granus, a noble Roman, being sent
into these parts of Gallia Belgica, about the year of our Lord Fifty
three, diseovered among the Woods and Hills these hot Springs, which
to this day are highly celebrated in many parts of Europe; who after-
wards made use of them, and adorned them after the manner of the
Roman Baths, and built a noble Habitation near them; part of which
the Inhabitants would have st ill to be Handing, retaining the name of
Turris Grant, an old Fewer at the East-end of the Town-hotfe ; a noble
Antiquity'. But the manner of its building gives suspicion it cannot be
so old. Hence these Thermae from their Discoverer have been named
Aquae Granite, and came to be frequented ; and the Town of Aquifgrane
built and ssourissied, till Attila, the King of the Huns, or Hungarians,
destroyed it.
About four hundred years after, Charles the great riding out a hunt*
ogin these parts,as he palled through the Woods siA Horses Foot slrook
into one of these Hot-fprings, near which lie also took notice of the
Ruines of ancient Palaces and Buildings long before forsaken ; and be-
ing still more and more delighted with the pleasant Situation of the
place, and conveniency of these hot Rivdets, he renewed and adorned
the Baths, built his Royal Palace near them : and appointed that the
King of the Romans lhould be crowned with an Iron Crown here as with
a Silver one at Milan, and a Gold one at Rome. He also built a noble
Collegiate Church, dedicated to the blesfed Virgin, in the presence of
many Princes and Bifhops, in the year 804, and endowed it with Re*
venues for the maintainance of Canons, who lived together in a College
at first, but at present separately in the manner of Prebends. He' built
also the old or inward Wall of the so that it ffourished till the
year 882. at which time it was again ruined by the Fury os the Nor*
mans, and the Emperors Palace burnt to the ground. This C/Zy,besides
these Devaluations srom the Irruptions of the Httns and Normans, hath
been divers times smee destroyed by Fire ; as in the year 1146. which
Ioss it overcame in such manner, that Twenty six years after, it reco-
vered not only its former greatness, but was so much increased,that the
large outward Wall was built by the command of the&/>^ror Frederick
the First.
In the year 12.24. happened another great Fire, in which, not only
the Buildings, but many of the Inhabitants perished. And the Roos os
the Church was burnt in another Fire 1236. And now os late, sor it is
hot long since,it hath recovered its losiesby the Fire in the year i6q6\