Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1913 (Heft 44)

Page: [73]
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HAVE you seen the Special Number of Camera Work issued last June?
This number is devoted entirely to the question of “New Art.”
For this country it is epoch-making. It contains the following
original essays:
“Portrait of Mabel Dodge”, by Gertrude Stein.
“Speculations”, by Mabel Dodge.
“The Renaissance of the Irrational”, by Benjamin De Casseres.
“Modern Art and the Public”, by Gabriele Buffet.
“The Latest Evolution in Art and Picabia,” by Maurice Aisen.
“Audiatur et Altera Pars: Some Plain Sense about the Modern
Art Movement”, by Oscar Bluemner.
“Vers L’Amorphisme”.
“Ecce Homo”, by John Weichsel.
It also contains eight full-page illustrations:
“Nudes”, by Cezanne.
“A Portrait”, by Cezanne.
“Still-Life”, by Cezanne.
“Landscape”, by Van Gogh.
“Portrait, Gertrude Stein”, by Picasso.
“Girl with Mandolin”, by Picasso.
“Drawing”, by Picasso.
“Star-Dancer on an Ocean Liner”, by Picabia.
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