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Gruebler, John H.: Handicraft needed more than ever to-day
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Creative Hands

• TheCrownPrincessCe-
cilia of Prussia, theQueen
of Roumaniaand several
other royal coliectors
are among those who
delightin ReussCeramics

▼ Die Kronprinzessin
Cäcilie von Preußen, die
Königin von Rumänien
und viele andere be-
die Schönheit und Qua-
lität der Reuß-Keramik.

Handicraft needed

more than ever to-day

By John H. Gruebler

The following is a reply to Laurence Vail Coleman's article "A Chal-
lenge to Handicraft", which appears on page 22, written by an
American who has travelled extensively in almost every country in
Europe, and who has shown a keen sense for architecture, painting,
sculpture etc. which has gained much from his varied experiences.

• That houses will soon be the product of mass production
is not only a possibility but a probability. Economic factors
will force people to live in the new machine-made homes.

• It is to be hoped, however, that such homes will be built by
using good forms and proportions and that machinery will
not attempt to go in for ornamentation, such attempts in the
past having been disastrous. In this way the new machine-
made home will have the result of giving us a new appre-
ciation of beauty in space, surface and proportion.

Phot. Gubisch, München

The Charm of Reuss Ceramic iConiinued from Page I5i • The pleasing Sensation Coming from this new-found beautyof

a large number of smaller-sized pieces of comparatively low sPace wil1 be heightened by the intensive and clever use of

cost, which are every whit as exquisite in form and finish as colours and the home-seeker who sees the new houses will

the larger and more elaborate specimens of his art. The be attracted.

absolute individuality of each separate product is a singularly • With all their space-harmony and proportion the new

attractive feature of these ceramics. One can ränge a dozen homes will lack one thing and that is personality. Here it is that

pieces of identical size and form side by side on a 'shelf, and, handicraft, the touch of human hands, can come into its own.

as the eye wanders from left to right, it is seen at a glance Instead of being doomed by the machine-made house,

that each one possesses its own distinctive colouring. Hue, handicraft will find in the new space-beauty an opportunity

tone, colour-patrern—ihere is always a difference in one or__'Co""'""ed °"P°9e46}

all of these, for the Reuss Ceramics are like the patterns of (Continued from preWous co/umnj

the kaleidoscope—Ihere are no two exactly alike. stranger replaces it with hesitation and a touch of awe, as

In the home of Reuss in Schöngeising is a cabinet ofespecially one might with some gern of inestimable worth. The en-

beautiful pieces carefully chosen by him. chantment of this cabinet is not easy to forget, and one goes

After having taken up one of these choice specimens and away wishing that this little house on the edge of the forest

scrutinised it until captivated by its irresistible charm, the would let the world see more of the fruits of its labours.