Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein [Editor]
Kunst und Handwerk: Zeitschrift für Kunstgewerbe und Kunsthandwerk seit 1851 — 81.1931

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Kunst und Handwerk
A.D. 1851

• A living room
decorated in mo-
dern style

▼ Schwerer Wand-
spannstoff: Mate-
rial Leinen und
Seide, Dekor mit
farbigem Bast ein-
gewebt. Bezüge
der Stahlmöbel:
Sofa Chenillestoff,
Hocker Zellofan-
stoffjeppich Wolle.
Professor Sigmund

• The curtain
materials (below)
of royon chenille,
designed and ex-
ecuted by Pro-
fessorSigmund von
Weech of Munich,
hang beautifully
and may be had
in the greatest
variety of colours.

▼ Halbtranspa-
renter Vorhang-
stoff aus schwerer
Kunstseide. Entwurf
Prof. Sigmund v.
Sigmund v. Weech,

Phot. W. v. Debschitz-Kunowski

The Sensible Home-
Modern Inferior Decoration


Whon modern ideals of home building tore away the shutters,
letting a flood of sunshine into the dim mustiness of mid-Vic-
torian parlours, they ushered in a newera of home architecture
and inferior decoration. The increasing scarcity of domestic
servants in America has seen to it that our rooms are smaller,
our houses more compact than formerly. The Provision of more
Windows has broken the earlier monotony of large, unbroken
expanses of wall, and hascontrived to make up-to-date rooms
as light and cheery as open spaces. No wonder that we find
Ourselves confronted with entirely new problems in the decor-
ation of these modern homes, and that we feel 1he need of

Phof. W. v. Debschitz-Kunowski
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