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Kunst und Handwerk: Zeitschrift für Kunstgewerbe und Kunsthandwerk seit 1851 — 81.1931

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Creative Hands

Tommy Parzinger, München • Vases and Bowls ▼ Dosen und Vasen Staatl. Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin

so many directions that to-day the Berlin State Porcelain designs there is a fine delicacy which contrasts pleasantly

Factory, under the admirable direction of Baron von with the robust forms.

Pechmann, is enjoying the most successful and prolific His creations, as shown in the illustration above, are well

period of its existence. Baron von Pechmann is one of those suited to the modern domestic inferior; they are orna-

rare personalities who combine exceptional directive ability mental without being merely Ornaments. No matter how

wilh a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of lovely the objecr which he is creating may be in itself, if its

artistic expression. nature necessarily involves Utility, Tommi Parzinger never

The vital principle with which he has inspired the whole loses sight of the useful purpose which it is destined to serve.

undertaking is that of harmonizing the tradition established His vases, for instance, are made to hold a good supply of

during the pristine splendour of the Berlin Factory in the days water for the flowers, his reading-lamps are constructed to

of Frederick the Great with the artistic Standards and ideals ensure an even distribution of light, and his fruit-bowls are

of our own time. conceived so that their füll charm is only realised in con-

He has made the fruits of this principle known to the world junction with the Contents.

by a number of exhibitions which are triumphs of ingenuity His wonderful simplicity of conception finds its most natural

and fine discrimination in their choice and arrangemenf of material of expression in porcelain. His work seems to be

specimens. In this delicate task he has been invaluabiy aided inspired throughouf with a delight in creating beaufy in the

by his wife, Alice von Pechmann, who is herseif a well-known form of useful objects. He is a crusader against the ignoble

modeller and has produced for the Factory a number of misconception that grace and Utility are incompatible qual-

singularly beautiful lamp models. ities. Every object which he produces is a living sign that a

Paul Scheurich is one of the several distinguished artists who straightforward loyalty to the objective practical purpose is

are contributing their finest work to the State Porcelain Fac- bound to create forms of an inherent beauty.

tory. His wonderful porcelain groups and Single figures have Tommi Parzinger, who is a young man still in the twenties, is a

already made his name a famous one throughout Germany native of Munich, although in appearance he bears a closer

and even beyond its frontiers. resemblance to a Scandinavian than to a Bavarian. He

The plastic art of Tommi Parzinger has attracted wide-spread recently won the prize offered by the'sNorth-German Lloyd

attention by its peculiar grace and originality. The models for the best artistic poster. The prize takes the form of a free

which he designs for the Berlin Porcelain Factory are, for the trip to New York, which Tommi Parzinger will make next

most parf, objects of ever-day use, such as fruit-dishes, jars, Spring, when he proposes to take the opportunity of holding

vases, flower-bowls, lamps, etc. He favours well-rounded, an exhibition of his work in the United States. He is at present

almost muscular forms, but in his colours and decorative occupied with the taskofselecting theexhibits for this purpose.
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